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In the case of emergency medical questions, please contact a qualified rehabber or veterinarian in your area who can assess the injured or sick animal in person.

The TFTSG and its members are happy to respond to requests for expert consultation and scientific analysis pertaining to biology and/or conservation, difficult identification questions, or possible range extensions regarding tortoises or freshwater turtles. We encourage enquiries and will endeavor to meet requests to the best of our abilities. For specific geographic coverage provided by our membership, please see the detailed TFTSG geographic membership listing (click here). To contact any of the members listed or to ask a general question, fill out this form, which will be sent to the active Chair and then forwarded, if necessary, to specific TFTSG members.

This contact form is not the place to ask for basic captive husbandry information, other non-biology, non-conservation questions, or emergency medical information. Should you choose to ask those things here, you may go without a response. There are Facebook groups, forums (the most active is TortoiseForum.org), and local herpetological societies that can help you with these types of questions. The communications team at theTurtleRoom would be happy to field these questions through their Facebook page.

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