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TFTSG Membership Database

The following is a print-out of the TFTSG Membership Database for the 2009-2012 IUCN Quadrennium. The information available here is for TFTSG networking and data-sharing purposes and all members are encouraged to reach out to each other as pertinent based on areas of expertise and geographic or taxonomic focus. As you face turtle conservation-relevant issues in your area or concerning species you care about or wish to focus on, consider using this network to find potential collaborators or sources of information or assistance. Either search the database using the built-in "Find" feature for your web-browser, or scroll through or print out the entire database.

This database is for the private use of individual TFTSG members only and should not be shared with anyone.
Do not abuse the privacy of our members by distributing or sharing personal information.

As your personal and professional data change, PLEASE notify us of all changes and updates
(send changes for this database to
Anders Rhodin),
and especially if you change your email
(then also notify Darrell Senneke at [email protected] in order to be updated on the TFTSG listerve).

Much of the data in this database for members that filled out data sheets during the 2004-2008 Quadrennium needs to be updated. Please check the database carefully for your own information and provide us with corrections and updates. Thank you.

To inform us of changes, please fill in and submit this downloadable current 2009-2012 blank TFTSG data sheet.

Format Headings for Database are as Follows:

Family name    First name & M.I.    Preferred Name    Sex    Position (Title)    Organization    Address Line 1    Address Line 2    Address Line 3    City    Post code    State    Country (Address)    Country (Birth/Citizenship)    Work phone    Private (home/cell)    Work fax    Preferred E-mail    Secondary E-mail    URL (websites, home page)    Countries (regions) focus    Species focus    Fields of specialization or expertise    Languages spoken

New and recently added members for the 2009-2012 Quadrennium are highlighted in yellow.


TFTSG Membership Database

Current Number of TFTSG Members: 274
(as of 25 November 2009)


Acuña-Mesén    Rafael A.    Rafael    M    Magister Scientiae    University of Costa Rica                1 Km Este Iglesia Católica El Carmen de Goicoechea    99999    San José    Costa Rica    Costa Rica    (506)2245-6445            [email protected]            Costa Rica    Chelydra serpentina, Kinosternon angustipons,K.leucostomum, K. scorpioides, Rhinoclemmys annulata, R. funerea, R. pulcherrima, Trachemys scripta.    Taxonomía, Sistemática, Ecología, Anatomía comparada, Historia natural, Biodiversidad.    English; Spanish

Ades    Gary W.J.        M    Department Head     Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden    Lam Kam Road, Tai Po, New Territories    Hong Kong SAR                    China        (852) 2488 6192    (852) 94716322    (852) 2483 1877    [email protected]        www.kfbg.org    South East Asia (primarily); China    Cuora trifasciata – captive breeding, All South East Asia spp rescued (Govt seized). Also several species in education live exhibits    Management of Rescue Centre, Local Chiropteran Expert    English; Mandarin (little)

Aguirre Leon    Gustavo        M    Investigador Titular    Instituto de Ecología, A.C. (INECOL)    Km 2.5 Carretera Antigua a Coatepec #351    Congregación El Haya        Xalapa    91070    Veracruz    Mexico        +52 (288)8421843    +52 (288) 8410446    +52 (288)8421800 ext. 4102    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.ecologia.edu.mx     Mexico    Gopherus flavomarginatus, Claudius angustatus, Dermatemys mawii, Kinosternon acutum. Kinosternon leucostomum, Staurotypus triporcatus, Trachemys venusta, Chelydra rossignoni    Animal ecology, Herpetology, wetland ecology    English; Spanish

Ahsan    M. Farid    Farid    M    Professor & Chairman    University of Chittagong    Department of Zoology    University of Chittagong    Chittagong    Chittagong     Chittagong-4331        Bangladesh    Bangladesh    + 880 31 72606001-9; 726311-4 Extn. 4305    880 31 72606001-9; 726311-4 Extn. 4468; Cell: 1712 847356    + 880-726310 (Attn. Prof. Farid Ahsan of Zoology)    [email protected]            Bangladesh    Aspideretes nigricans, A. hurum    Wildlife     English, Bangla

Akre    Thomas S.B.    Tom    M    Assistant Professor    Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences    Longwood University    201 High St.        Farmville    23909    Virginia    USA    USA    434-395-2731    540-270-0948        [email protected]    [email protected]        United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Venezuela    Glyptemys insculpta, Terrapene carolina, Clemmys guttata, Actinemys marmorata, Graptemys barbouri, Malaclemys terrapin, Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima, Rhinoclemmys diademata, Kinosternon scorpioides, Mesoclemmys zuliae    Life history, macroecology, spatial ecology, conservation    English;  Spanish;  French

Alacs    Erika A.        F    PhD Student    Institute for Applied Ecology    Building 3    University of Canberra    Kirinari Street, Bruce    Canberra    2601    ACT    Australia        +61 02 6201 2937     +61 6104 9304    +61 6201 2937    [email protected]        www.aerg.canberra.edu.au    Northern Australia    Chelodina rugosa, Chelodina burrungandjii, Elseya dentata, Elseya albagula    Phylogeography, population genetics, wildlife forensics    English

Alcalde    Leandro    Leandro    M    Doctor in Natural Sciences (Discipline: Biology)    Instituto de Limnología “Dr. R. A. Ringuelet” (CONICET-UNLP)    Avenida Calchaqui Km. 23,5            Florencio Varela    1888    Buenos Aires    Argentina    Argentina    54-011- 42757799    54-0221-4750273 (home) 54-0221-155921213 (mobile)    54-011-42758564    [email protected]    [email protected]        Argentina    Trachemys dorbigni, Phrynops hilarii, Hydromedusa tectifera, Chelonoidis chilensis, Chelonoidis donosobarrosi, Chelonoidis petersi    Ecology – Morphology    English;  Spanish ; Portuguese

Allman    Phil        M    Student (Ph.D. candidate)    Ohio University    Dept Biological Sciences    Irvine Hall – 108        Athens    45701    OH    USA    USA    740-597-1931    740-707-2559    740-593-0300    [email protected]        //oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~pa508701/    USA, Costa Rica, Ghana    Malaclemys terrapin    Maternal Investment, offspring fitness    English; Spanish

Altherr    Sandra        F    Project Manager    Pro Wildlife    Kidlerstr. 2            Munich    81375        Germany        49-89-81299-507    49-0174-217 5054 (mobile)    49-89-81299-706    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.prowildlife.de    Europe, Global; Germany    Of interest for the TFTSG: mainly Asian freshwater turtles, but also Malagasy tortoises (We prepared e.g. the CITES (up)listing proposals for Cuora spp., Kachuga spp. and Pyxis arachnoides)    Mainly international trade, CITES, traditional medicine    English; German

Arakelyan    Marine        F    Dr. , Research Assistant    Yerevan State University    Alek Manukyan, 1            Yerevan    25        Armenia        37410 556568    37491 724801        [email protected]            Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Azerbaijan)    Testudo graeca, Mauremys caspica, Emys orbicularis    Geographical distribution, taxonomy    English; Armenian, Russian

Aresco    Matthew J.        M        Lake Jackson Ecopassage Alliance, Inc.    754 Livingston Court            Tallahassee    32303    FL    USA            (850) 562-3093; (850) 559-0483        [email protected]        www.lakejacksonturtles.org/aresco; www.lakejacksonturtles.org    Southeastern USA    Gopherus polyphemus, Graptemys ernsti, Graptemys barbouri, Pseudemys concinna, Macrochelys temminckii, Apalone ferox, Chelydra serpentina, Terrapene carolina, Pseudemys floridana, Trachemys scripta, Sternotherus odoratus    Road mortality and mitigation of road effects, Translocation for conservation, Habitat management and restoration, Population ecology, Reproductive ecology    English

Artner    Harald        M    Dr. Med.    Chelonia 2002    Maria Ponsee 32            Reidling    3454        Austria        +43-2742-356505    +43-664-7979630    +43-2742-356505-5    [email protected]        www.sfoe.at    Austria    More than 100 species of freshwater turtles, 75 bred so far    Freshwater turtles    English; Spanish; French; German; Portuguese; Italian

Ashton    Ray E.        M    President    Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute, Inc.    14260-331 W. Newberry Rd            Newberry    32669    FL    USA        352-495-7449    352-495-1627    352-495-7433    [email protected]        www.ashtonbiodiversity.org    USA, Peru, Ecuador; Asia, Madagascar, Africa    Gopherus polyphemus primary, Savannah/semi-desert species worldwide    Conservation methods, low frequency communication, forage, monitoring/reactive management, Wild/semiwild/captive conservation methods    English

Attum    Omar        M    Post Doc    Center for Reptile and Amphibian Conservation and Management    Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne    2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.        Fort Wayne    46805    IN    USA        260 481 05    Home: 502 897 9955; Cell: 502 810 7861        [email protected]            Middle East -Egypt; USA -Midwest    Testudo kleinmanii – current; Emydoidea blandingii – Past; Chrysemys picta marginata – Past    Ecology, wildlife management, working with local communities    English; Arabic

Auliya    Mark A.    Mark    M    PhD    TRAFFIC Southeast Asia    Unit 3/2, 1st Floor    Jalan SS23/11    TAMAN SEA    Petaling Jaya    47400    Selangor    Malaysia    South Africa    60378803940    60379542903    60379542903    [email protected]     [email protected]    www.traffic.org     Indonesia, Malaysia    Southeast Asian species, Amyda cartilaginea     Herpetology, (Population) Ecology, Tropics of Africa and Asia, Conservation Science    English ;  French  ;  German ; Bahasa Indonesia;

Avery    Harold W.    Hal    M    Associate Professor    Drexel University    Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology    3141 Chestnut Street        Philadelphia    19104    PA    USA        (215) 895-2285    (856) 630-1708 (Cell)    (215) 895-1273    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.drexel.edu/catalog/GRAD/COAS/biosci-index.htm     USA, Costa Rica    Gopherus agassizii, Pseudemys rubriventris, Trachemys scripta, Chrysemys picta, Chelydra serpentina, Sternotherus odoratus, Malaclemys terrapin    Population Ecology, Nutritional Ecology, Physiological Ecology, Behavioral Ecology    English

Ayres    Cesar    Cesar    M    Member, AHE Council    Spanish Herpetological Association (AHE)                Leganes    Apdo 191, 28911    Madrid    Spain    Spain    34986805057    34607830685        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.herpetologica.org    Spain, Portugal    Emys orbicularis, Mauremys leprosa, Trachemys scripta    Conservation, Ecology.    Spanish, Galician, English, Portuguese

Baard    Ernst H.W.        M    Senior Manager, Scientific Services    Western Cape Nature Conservation Board    Private Bag 5014            Stellenbosch    7599        South Africa        27-21-866 8001/0        27-21-866 1523    [email protected]        www.capenature.co.za    South Africa    Psammobates, Homopus, Chersina, Geochelone, Pelomedusa    Conservation biology (herpetology), Terrestrial tortoise ecology, distribution, conservation status, Freshwater turtle ecology, distribution, conservation status, Systematic conservation planning    English; Afrikaans

Baha El Din     Sherif        M    Advisor    Nature Conservation Sector (Egypt)    3 Abdala El Katib            Dokki, Cairo             Egypt        202 7608160    0122180709    202 7608160    [email protected]            Egypt, Libya, Middle East, North Africa    Testudo sp.    Ecology, captive breeding, taxonomy    English ; Arabic

Baker    Patrick J.        M    Student (Doctoral candidate)    Miami University    622 West Chestnut Street            Oxford    45056    OH    USA        513-529-3145    513-255-0167    513-529-6900    [email protected]            USA, Ghana    All North American species     Physiological ecology, especially the winter biology of hatchling turtles.    English

Banks    Chris B.        M    Coordinator of Conservation Partnerships    Zoo Victoria    PO Box 74            Parkville    3052    Victoria    Australia        61-3-9285-9491        61-3-9285-9360    [email protected]        www.zoo.org.au    Australia and South-east Asia; Vietnam; Philippines    None directly, but support work on taxa in Vietnam and the Philippines.    Broad herp background (captive management), and advice on in situ conservation.    English

Baruah    Chittaranjan    Chitta    M    Researcher    Centre for Wildlife Research & Conservation Action (CWRCA) & Bioinformatics Centre    Department of Zoology    Gauhati University        Guwahati    781014    Assam    India    India    0091-0361-2700470 (O)    0091-09954294080 (M)    0091-0361-2700294    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.gauhati.ac.in    India    Pangshura sylhetensis, Nilssonia nigricans, Chitra indica, Batagur dhongoka    Phylogeography, Conservation genetics, In-situ conservation, Habitat ecology, Computational Biology    English ; Hindi ; Assamese

Batistella    Alexandre        M    Doctorate Student    Instituto Nacional Pesquisa da Amazonia – INPA    Rua Bolívia, nº. 133, Conj. Esperança II.             Parnaíba     64215 – 630    Piauí    Brazil        95 86 3322 5859    95 86 3322 5859        [email protected]            Brazil      Trachemys adiutrix; Phrynops tuberculatus     Biology and ecology    English; Spanish; Portuguese

Berry    Kristin H.        F    Research Wildlife Biologist    U.S. Geological Survey    Western Ecological Research Center    22835 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos        Moreno Valley    92553    CA    USA        1-951-697-5361        001-951-697-5299    [email protected]        //www.werc.usgs.gov/boxsprings/berry.asp    USA    Gopherus agassizii    health, disease, general ecology, demography, behavior, anthropogenic impacts    English

Bertolero    Albert        M        IRTA Sant Carles de la Ràpita    Carretera Poble Nou, km 5.5    Apartat de correus 200        Sant Carles de la Ràpita    43540    Catalunya    Spain    Spain    34 977 745427 (ext. 1840)        34 977 744138    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.irta.es    Spain, France, Western Mediterranean    Testudo hermanni; Emys orbicularis; Mauremys leprosa    Reintroduction projects on chelonian, Assessment of reintroduction projects, Monitoring populations and analysis of data (demography, home range)    English; Spanish; French; Catalonian

Bhupathy    Subramanian    Bhupathy    M    Senior Scientist    Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History    Anaikatti (PO)    Coimbatore -641 108    INDIA    Coimbatore    641 108    Tamil Nadu    India        (+91-422)-2657102, 2657103, 2657104, 2657105    (+91-422) – 2402297    (+91-422)-2657101    [email protected]        India    Current- Lepidochelys olivacea, Lissemys punctata; Previous- Distribution of all species of Tortoises, Freshwater turtles of India and Marine turtles (south India)     Distribution pattern; Ecology of a few species    English, Tamil, Hindi

Bjorndal    Karen A.        F    Professor and Program Director    University of Florida    Department of Zoology    PO Box 118525        Gainesville    32611    FL    USA        352-392-5194        352-392-9166    [email protected]        //accstr.ufl.edu    Bahamas, Florida, USA    Emydid turtles, Tortoises    Demography, Nutrition, Growth    English

Blanck    Torsten E.G.        M            Holleneggerstr. 15            Deutschlandsberg    8530    Styria    Austria        +43 664 84 90 215    +43 664 84 90 215        [email protected]    [email protected]        Austria, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Laos, Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy    All species of Cuora, Mauremys, Chinemys, Geoemyda, Pyxidea, Sacalia, Ocadia, Platysternon, Testudo, Emys, Chelydra, special focus on hybridization of Geoemydidae    Field herpetology, Taxonomy, captive management    English;  Spanish;  French; German;  Portuguese

Bock    Brian C.        M    Profesor asociado    Departamento de Ciencias Forestales    AA 568            Medellin        Antioquia    Colombia        (574) 430-9018    (574) 336-2953    (574) 430-9018    [email protected]    [email protected]        South America, especially Colombia    Podocnemis unifilis, Podocnemis expansa, Podocnemis lewyana, Trachemys scripta callirostris    Ecology, population genetics, behavioral ecology    English; Spanish

Bolton    Ryan M.    Ryan    M    Conservation Biologist (PhD Candidate)    University of Guelph    2 Grandview Crescent            Bradford    L3Z 2A5    Ontario    Canada    Canada    1 905 716 3127    1 905 716 3127    1 519 767 1656    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.uoguelph.ca; www.uoguelph.ca/~rjblab; www.uoguelph.ca/~boltonr    Canada, Costa Rica    Apalone spinifera (current), Graptemys geographica (current), Emydoidea blandingii (current), Glyptemys insculpta, Clemmys guttata, Terrapene carolina, Chelydra serpentina (current), Sternotherus odoratus, Sternotherus carinatus, Chrysemys picta marginata (current), Rhinoclemmys funerea, Dermochelys coriacea, Kinosternon leucostomum    Ecology and Behaviour    English

Bour    Roger        M    Assistant Professor    MNHN    25 rue Cuvier F-75005 PARIS    35 rue des Cottages F-91230 MONTGERON        (above)    (above)        France        331 40 79 34 94    331 69 83 10 06 / 336 76 19 31 21    331 40 79 34 88    [email protected]    [email protected]        Europe, W Indian Ocean Islands, Tropical Africa, S America; France; Reunion; Mauritius; Ivory Coast; Brazil    Phrynops s.l., Pelusios, Testudo and Testudinids    Systematics, Biogeography, Bibliography    English; Spanish; French

Bourquin    Ortwin    Orty    M    Retired Wildlife Biologist        PO Box 1226            Columbus    59019-7326    MT    USA    South Africa        406 322 9051        [email protected]            Have worked in South Africa    Have worked with tortoises, terrapins and sea turtles    I do not consider myself an expert at anything    English

Brooks    Ronald J.    Ron    M    Professor    University of Guelph    Dept of Integrative Biology            Guelph    N1G2W1    Ontario    Canada        1 519 824 4120 Ext 53944    1 519 836 8817    1 519 767 1656    [email protected]        www.uoguelph.ca/~rjblab    Canada    Chelydra serpentina, Crysemys picta, Glyptemys insculpta, Apalone spinifera, Emydoidea blandingii, Sternotherus odoratus, Clemmys guttata    Demography, life history, reproductive biology, conservation    English; French

Buhlmann    Kurt A.    Kurt    M    Research Scientist    University of Georgia    Savannah River Ecology Laboratory    Drawer E, Building 737-A        Aiken    29802    South Carolina    USA        803-725-5293        803-725-3309    [email protected]            United States, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Jamaica    All in those countries (general)    Habitat management, inventory, life history, evolutionary ecology    English

Buley    Kevin R.    Kevin    M    Zoo Curator    North of England Zoological Society – Chester Zoo        Upton-by-Chester        Chester    CH2 1LH        United Kingdom        44 1244 389402    44 1244 660008    44 1244381352    [email protected]        www.chesterzoo.org     Europe, SE Asia; UK    Asian freshwater, Madagascan terrestrial, Galapagos    Ex situ management     English

Burke    Russell L.    Russ    M    Associate Professor    Hofstra University    Department of Biology    Hofstra University        Hempstead    11549    NY    USA        516.463.5521    516.509.1442    516.463.5112    [email protected]        //people.hofstra.edu/faculty/Russell_L_Burke/     USA    Malaclemys terrapin, Glyptemys inscuplta, Gopherus polyphemus    reproductive ecology, translocation    English

Bury    R. Bruce    Bruce    M    Zoologist (Research)    US Geological Survey    3200 SW Jefferson Way            Corvallis    97331    Oregon    USA        541-759-1010        541-753-6848    [email protected]            USA; Mexico    Clemmys marmorata, Emydoidea blandingii, Gopherus agassizii, G. flavomarginatus    Ecology, conservation    English; Spanish

Buskirk    James R.    Jim    M    Field Associate in Herpetology    California Academy of Sciences    2500 Rawson St.            Oakland    94601-5524    CA    USA        1-510-238-5414    510-261-5652        [email protected]            USA, Mexico, Greece, Turkey    Emys  sp., Kinosternon, Rhinoclemmys, Testudo, Mauremys, Terrapene    Emys marmorata, Balkan species, western Mexico species    English; Spanish; French

Butler    Joseph A.    Joe    M    Professor of Biology    University of North Florida    Department of Biology    4567 St. Johns Bluff Road        Jacksonville    32224    FL    USA        904-620-2831    904-641-9174    904-620-3885    [email protected]            USA    Malaclemys terrapin, Gopherus polyphemus, Others    Ecology, life history    English

Caccone    Adalgisa    Gisella    F    Senior Research Scientists    Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology    Yale University    21 Sachem St        New Haven    6520    CT    USA    Italy    203-4325259    203-2482269    203-4327394    [email protected]            Galapagos, Ecuador    Giant Galapagos tortoises, Giant Aldabra tortoises, Geochelone, Madagascar tortoises    genetics    English, Italian

Cadi    Antoine        M    Dr    Noé Conservation    c/o La Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes    CP 31    57, rue Cuvier    Paris cedex 05    75231        France        00 33 871 70 77 38    00 33 615 77 51 67    00 33 478 38 04 36    [email protected]        www.noeconservation.org    France, Nepal, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, West Africa    Emys orbicularis, Centrochelys sulcata, Mauremys leprosa, Eurotestudo hermanni, Trachemys scripta elegans and punctually other species from Asia and West Africa    Ecology, ethology, demography, reintroduction and translocation    English; French

Calderón-Mandujano    Romel René    R. Calderón    M    Doctorate Degree Student    El COlegio de la Frontera Sur-Unidad Chetumal    Av. Centenario Km 5.5            Chetumal    77014    Quintana Roo    México    Mexico    00 52 983 8350440    00 52 983 1231399 mobile    00 52 983 8350440    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.ecosur.mx    México    Current: Dermatemys mawii, previous: all species from the Yucatán Península    Ecology and Natural History    English;  Spanish

Calle    Paul P.    Paul    M    Director, Zoological Health    Wildlife Conservation Society    Global Health Program    2300 Southern Blvd        Bronx    10460    NY     USA    USA    718-220-7100    H: 203-798-1576; M: 203-512-1811    718-220-7126    [email protected]    [email protected]    Wcs.org    USA (New York), Russia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China    Varied fresh water and terrestrial    Veterinary medicine    English

Caporaso    Fredric    Fred    M    Professor    Chapman University    Dept. of Physical and Applied Sciences    220 Hashinger Science Center        Orange    92866    California    USA        011-949-997-6638        011-714-532-6048    [email protected]            USA; Galapagos, Ecuador    All chelonians- Chelodina spp.    Husbandry and reproduction, sensory mechanisms for prey capture    English

Carr    John L.        M    Associate Professor    University of Louisiana at Monroe    Department of Biology    700 University Avenue        Monroe    71209-0520    LA    USA        1-318-342-1796    1-318-397-9180    1-318-342-3312    [email protected]        //www.ulm.edu/~carr/index.htm    USA, Latin America, specifically Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador    All Rhinoclemmys, Kinosternon leucostomum, Chelydra acutirostris, Chelydra serpentina, Macrochelys temminckii, Kinosternon subrubrum, Sternotherus odoratus, Sternotherus carinatus, Apalone spinifera, Apalone mutica, Chrysemys dorsalis, Deirochelys reticularia, Graptemys pseudogeographica, Graptemys ouachitensis, Graptemys sabinensis, Pseudemys concinna, Terrapene carolina, Trachemys scripta    Systematics, reproductive ecology, ecology    English; Spanish

Castaño-Mora    Olga Victoria        F    Special Professor    Universidad Nacional de Colombia    Apartado 7495    Carrera 41 # 58-28, Bloque D-8, apartamento 411        Bogotá        D.C.    Colombia        (571) 3165000 ext. 11532    (571) 2210642    (571) 3165365    [email protected]    [email protected]        Colombia    Continental turtles and tortoises    Conservation, taxonomy, natural history    English; Spanish

Castellano    Christina        F    Research Officer    Institute for Applied Ecology    University of Canberra            Bruce    2601    ACT    Australia    USA    62-02-6201-5654    62-02-6258-0898    62-02-6201-5305    [email protected]            northeastern North America, Australia, Madagascar     Glyptemys insculpta, Glyptemys muhlenbergii, Clemmys guttata, Pyxis arachnoids, Pyxis planicauda     Population and nesting ecology    English

Chan    Eng-Heng        F    Professor    University College of Science and Technology Malaysia (KUSTEM)     Turtle Research and Rehabilitation Group        Mengabang Telipot    Kuala Terengganu    21030    Terengganu, Malaysia    Malaysia        609 6683251    609 6232925    609 6694660    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.kustem.edu.my/ctrec, www.kustem.edu.my/ehchan    Malaysia    Batagur baska, Callagur borneoensis    In-situ and ex-situ egg protection, Head-starting, Population monitoring, Temperature-related phenomena, Community participation and development    English; Malay; Chinese

Chauhan    Rajeev        M    Secretary General    Society for Conservation of Nature    576, Karamganj     Punjabi Colony    Etawah        206 001    Uttar Pradesh    India        91-5688-256602    91-9412182576        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.sconature.org    India    C.indica, A. gangeticus,A. hurum,H. thurgii,P. tentoria, P.tecta,K.dhongoka, K.kachuga &  L.punctata)    Ecology    English; Hindi

Chen    Tien-Hsi        M    Assistant  Researcher    National Museum of Marine Science and Technology    101, Lane 446, Pei-Ning Rd.    P.O. Box 7-202        Keelung    202        China (Taiwan)        886-2-24696000 ext. 5010    886-2-24684460; 886-932-260913    886-2-24690507    [email protected]            Taiwan (including some species in mainland China)    Cuora flavomarginata, Ocadia sinensis, Mauremys mutica, Chinemys reevesii, Trachemys scripta elegans (introduced)    Population ecology, Identification of turtle shell    English; Chinese

Choudhury    Binod Chandra        M    Professor and Head    Dept. of Endangered Species Management    Wildlife Institute of India    P.O. Box 18, Chandrabani        Dehradun    248001    Uttar Anchal     India        91-135-2641484, 91-135-2640112-115 Ext. 205    91-135-2640112-115 Ext. 109    91-135-2640117    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.wii.gov.in    India     All species of freshwater turtles and tortoises found in India    Research, conservation and management, Capacity building of biologists and managers, Policy and legislation formulation    English, Hindi

Clavijo-Baquet    Sabrina        F    Master Student    Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República (UDELAR)    Igúa 4225 (Montevideo)    Sarandí 563 esq Ledesma (Maldonado)        Montevideo    11 400    Montevideo / Maldonado    Uruguay        525 86 18 / 149    509 07 12 / (042) 22 29 10    525 86 17    [email protected]            Uruguay    Phrynops williamsi    Herpetology, Zoology, Morphology, Systematic    English; Spanish ; Portuguese

Colli    Guarino        M    Professor    Universidade de Brasília    Departamento de Zoologia    Universidade de Brasília        Brasília    70910-900    DF    Brazil        55-61-3307-2265 Ext 21    55-61-9978-0999    55-61-3307-2265 Ext 21    [email protected]        //www.unb.br/ib/zoo/grcolli/index.htm    Brazil, Cerrado, Amazonia    Acanthochelys spixii    Herpetology    English; Spanish; Portuguese

Collins    David E.    Dave    M    Curator of Forests    Tennessee Aquarium    One Broad Street    P.O. Box 11048        Chattanooga    37401    TN    USA        1-423-785-4081    1-423-886-4511    1-423-267-3561    [email protected]            USA    Clemmys, Glyptemys, Graptemys, most SE U.S species, Cuora, Sacalia, Heosemys, Geoemyda, Maintain 60-80 species in public collection    Captive husbandry, ecology (population dynamic, movement patterns, long-term mark recapture)    English

Congdon    Justin D.        M    Professor Emeritus    Savannah River Ecology Laboratory    Drawer E            Aiken    29802    SC    USA        520 824 3121    520 824 3121    520 824 3221    [email protected]            USA    Chrysemys picta marginata, Emydoidea blandingii, Chelydra serpentina, Kinosternon sonoriense    Evolutionary Ecology, Life history evolution, Physiological ecology    English

Conway-Gómez    Kristen        F    Assistant Professor    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona    3801 West Temple Avenue    Geography & Anthropology Department        Pomona     91768    CA    USA        909.869.3208    352.256.2387    909.869.3586    [email protected]            Bolivia    Podocnemis unifilis, P. expansa    Human use of river turtles, community-based conservation    English; Spanish

Das    Indraneil        M    Associate Professor    Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation    Universiti Malaysia Sarawak            Kota Samarahan    94300    Sarawak    Malaysia    India    +60 82 481000 X 2296    +60 82 547604 (home); +60 198567351 (cell)    +60 82 671727    [email protected]    [email protected]        Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.    General    Ecology and systematics    English, Bengali, Hindi

de Bruin    Ron W.F.        M    Associate professor (PhD)    Erasmus University Medical Centre    Beltmolen 49    2906 SC Capelle a/d IJssel                    Netherlands        +3110 4087761    +3110 4589889        [email protected]            Netherlands    Chinemys nigricans, Ocadia sinensis, Mauremys annamensis, Cuora aurocapitata    Captive management and breeding, taxonomy    English; Dutch

Diagne    Lamine        M        Village des Tortues / SOPTOM / SOS Sulcata    BP 404            Rufisque            Senegal        658.99.84    658.99.84        [email protected]            Senegal    Centrochelys sulcata, Pelusios castaneus, Pelusios adansonii, Pelomedusa subrufa, Kinixys belliana, Cyclanorbis senegalensis    Suivi des animaux et soins et aménagements    French; Wolof

Diagne    Tomas        M    Founder/ Director    West African Herpetological Society / WASH    PO Box 657             Rufisque     25022        Senegal        00 221 836 87 36    00 221 836 87 36        [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.rolexawards.com/laureates/laureate-12-diagne.html    Africa (Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Niger, Benin, and Democratic Republic of Congo)    Kinixys, Geochelone, Mauremys, Pelusios, Pelomedusa, Cyclanorbis, Trionyx, Cycloderma    General ecology, conservation, taxonomy    English; French

Diesmos    Arvin        M    President    Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines, Inc.    Institute of Biology, Room 106, University of the Philippines    1101 Diliman        Quezon City            Philippines        6516 2715 (Singapore)            [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.dbs.nus.edu.sg/lab/cons-lab/currentflock.htm     Philippines and Southeast Asia    Siebenrockiella leytensis, Pelochelys cantorii, Cuora amboinensis, Cyclemys dentata    Systematics, ecology, biogeography    English; Tagalog; Cebuano

Dodd    C. Kenneth, Jr.    Ken    M    Courtesy Associate Professor    University of Florida    c/o 5222 NW 56th Court            Gainesville    32653    FL    USA    USA    1-352-377-4319    1-352-281-6735    1-352-377-4319    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA    Terrapene carolina, Sternotherus depressus, Caretta caretta, Pseudemys suwanniensis, Terrapene sp.    Conservation biology of herpetofauna, particularly turtles and amphibians; monitoring status/trends; effects of disturbances    English

Doody    J. Sean    Sean    M    Research Fellow    Institute for Applied Ecology    University of Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia            Canberra    2601    Australian Capitol Territory    Australia    USA    61 262012975    61 262580898    61 262015305    [email protected]        www.canberra.edu.au    Australia, USA    Carettochelys insculpta, Emydura victoriae, Chelodina longicollis, Chelodina rugosa, Apalone spinifera, Apalone mutica     Conservation biology, evolutionary ecology, behavioral ecology, physiological ecology    English

Dorcas    Michael E.        M    Associate Professor    Davidson College    Department of Biology            Davidson    28035-7118    NC    USA        704-894-2727        704-894-2512    [email protected]        //www.bio.davidson.edu/dorcas    USA, Costa Rica    Terrapene carolina; Chelydra serpentina; Chrysemys picta; Kinsternon subrubrum; Apalone spinifera; Trachemys scripta; Sternotherus ordotatus; Pseudemys conncina; Malclemys terrapin; Gopherus polyphemus    Ecology, Physiological Ecology, Conservation    English

Drobenkov    Sergey        M    Head of Sector of Herpetofauna    Institute of Zoology of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus    Academicheskaja ul., 27            Minsk     220072        Belarus         (017) 284-2192    (017) 230-2891    (017) 284-1036    [email protected]            Belarus    European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis)     Ecology, morphology, and conservation    English; Russian

Drummond    Gláucia Moreira    Gláucia    F    Technical Superintendent    Fundação Biodiversitas    245 Congonhas St.             Belo Horizonte    30330-100    Minas Gerais    Brazil    Brazil    55 31 2129 1300    55 31 9922 4822    55 31 2129 1329    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.biodiversitas.org.br    Brazil    Phrynops hogei    Ecology and conservation    English; Portuguese

Eisemberg    Carla C.    Carla    F    PhD candidate    Institute for Applied Ecology – University of Canberra    Building 3, University of Canberra, Bruce            Canberra    2601    ACT    Australia    Brazil    (61 02)62012937    (61)0448348754        [email protected]     [email protected]    //aerg.canberra.edu.au/php/showstudent.php?usercode=eisemberg     Brazil, Australia, and Papua New Guinea    Previous: Podocnemis sextuberculata, Podocnemis erythrocephala, Phrynops geoffroanus, Phrynops rufipes, Current: Carettochelys insculpta, Emydura subglobosa, Elseya novaeguineae, Pelochelys bibroni    Reproductive biology, Harvest, Conservation, Environmental Education, Management    English;  Spanish;  Portuguese

Emmett    David    M    Wildlife Biologist    Conservation International    P.O.Box 1356            Phnom Penh            Cambodia        855 23 214 627    855 12 524230    855 23 214 627    [email protected]             Indo-Burma region; Cambodia    Amyda cartilaginea, Cuora amboinensis, Cyclemys dentata complex, Siebenrockiella crassicollis, Malayemys subtrijuga, Heosemys grandis, Hieremys annandalii, Manouria impressa, Indotestudo elongata, Burmese species    Field research, capacity building, in situ conservation, ranger training, community education    English; French; Danish; Swahili; Khmer

Engstrom    Tag N.        M    Assistant Professor    California State University Chico    Department of Biological Sciences            Chico    95929-0515    CA    USA        1-530-898-6748    1-530-892-2399 (h) 1-530-570-8482 (c)    1-530-898-4363    [email protected]            Panama, Peru, Turkey, California     Trionychids, Rafetus euphraticus, Emys marmorata, Podocnemis unifilis     Molecular systematics, population ecology    English; Spanish

Estrades    Andrés        M    Executive Director    CICMAR / Karumbé    Av. Giannattasio km 30,5            El Pinar    15008    Canelones    Uruguay        + 598 99 614201    + 598 99 614201        [email protected]        www.karumbe.org    Uruguay    Acanthochelys spixii, Hydromedusa tectifera, Phrynops hilarii, Phrynops williamsi, Trachemys dorbigni, Chelonoidis chilensis.    Status, Distribution, Refuges, Management, Education     English; Spanish

Fachín-Terán    Augusto        M    Professor    Universidade do Estado do Amazonas    Escola Normal Superior    Avenida Darcy Vargas S/N, Bairro Chapada        Manaus    69050-020    Amazonas    Brazil         (092) 3215-2072; 3215-2073    (092) 3638-0427 or (092)-9128-8541    (092) 3215-2072 or (092) 3215-2073    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.uea.edu.br    Amazonia; Brazil    Podocnemis sextuberculata, Podocnemis unifilis, Podocnemis expansa    Ecology, Management, Education    English; Spanish; Portuguese

Fallabrino    Alejandro        M    Director    Karumbé    D. Murillo 6334             Montevideo    11500    Montevideo    Uruguay         00 598 99917811    00 598 99917811        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.karumbe.org    Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina    Acantochelys spixii, Hydromedusa tectifera, Phrynops hillari, Phrynops williamsi, Trachemys dorbignyi, Chelonoides chilensis    illegal trade, conservation, protected areas    English; Spanish French; Portuguese

Fanazava    Rijasoa    Rijasoa    M    Regional Coordinator of Tortoises Conservation Project    Wildlife Conservation Society    IHSM, Route du Port, Mahavatse II            Toliara    601        Madagascar    Madagascar        +261 33 11 880 03    (261 20) 22 529 76    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.wcs.org    Madagascar    Astrochelys radiata, Pyxis arachnoides    Scientific Sociology and economy    English; French; Malagasy

Farkas    Balázs L.        M            Bercsényi u. 21            Gyúró    2464        Hungary        36-1-2127545    36-22-467046    36-1-2146722    [email protected]            Hungary    Emys orbicularis    Population biology studies at different locations in Hungary. Species action plan for WWF Hungary in 2003    English; Hungarian; Dutch; German

Feldman    Mark L.        M    Consulting physician        PO Box 285            Kerikeri    470    Northland    New Zealand    USA    011-64-9-407-1989    011-64-9-407-1989    011-64-9-407-1986    [email protected]            New Zealand, USA    Wide variety of freshwater and land turtles of USA    Techniques for hatching and procuring turtle eggs; especially the use of oxytocin and arginine vasotocin to induce egg laying.    English

Ferreira Júnior    Paulo Dias        M    Dr.    Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo    Departamento de Ecologia e Recursos Naturais    Av. Fernando Ferrari, Goiabeiras        Vitória    29.060-900    ES    Brazil        (55) 27 3335-2877    (55) 27 3395-0111    (55) 27 3335-2500    [email protected]    [email protected]        Brazil    Podocnemis expansa, Podocnemis unifilis    Geologic aspects of fluvial environments (e.g. grain size, mineralogical composition, nest height in relation the water level) and relations with nest distribution, incubation duration and hatching success    English; Spanish ; Portuguese

Ferri    Vincenzo    Vincenzo    M    Mr    Centro Studi Arcadia    Via Valverde 4            Tarquinia    I-01016    Viterbo    Italy    Italy    393402909929    390766856428    3.90767E+11    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.centrostudiarcadia.it    Italy,1987-1990 Uganda    Emys orbicularis, Eurotestudo hermanni, Trachemys scripta, Kinixys belliana (Uganda populations), Pelusios rhodesianus (Uganda populations), Pelusios williamsi (Uganda populations).    Habitats conservation, Population Ecology, international traffic    English ; Italian

Ferronato    Bruno de Oliveira    Bruno    M    M.Sc., D.V.M.    Associated Researcher of Camara Nacional de Producción y el Empreendimiento    Jr. Zorritos, 941   Lima 1    Lima    Peru    Brazil       51 01 423 9553       51 01 360 1527 &  51 01 997283104     51 01 332 4927    [email protected]   [email protected]     //www.ruffordsmallgrants.org/rsg/projects/bruno_ferronato   Current: Peru and Brazil; Previous: USA    Current: Podocnemis unifilis, Mesoclemmys raniceps, Phrynops geoffroanus, Hydromedusa tectifera, Acanthochelys macrocephala; Previous: Emydoidea blandingii,Trachemys scripta elegans   General: Freshwater turtle ecology; Specific: Hematology and microbiology  Portuguese, English, Spanish

Fidenci    Pierre        M    President/Conservation Biologist    Endangered Species International    79 Brady St.            San Francisco    94103    CA    USA    France    4153873025            [email protected]    [email protected]    www.endangeredspeciesinternational.org    USA, Philippines, Republic of Congo, Colombia, France, Italy, Cuba    Siebenrockiella (Panayenemys) leytensis, Actinemys marmorata, Emys orbicularis, Cuora amboinensis, Cyclemys dentata, Heosemys spinosa, Pelusios marani, Pelusios gabonensis, Batrachemys dahlii, Testudo hermanii, Gopherus agassizii, Testudo hermanii, Dogania subplana, Trachemys decussata angusta    Research, surveys, conservation    French, English, Spanish

Fielder    Darren P.    Darren    M    Principal Environmental Officer    Department of Environment and Resource Management    PO Box 731            Toowoomba    4350    Queensland    Australia    Australia    61 07 46994348    61 07 46374915        [email protected]     [email protected]        Australia    Elseya bellii, E. georgesi, E. purvisi, E. latisternum, E. albagula, Emydura macquarii, Chelodina longicollis, C. expansa    mtDNA, taxonomy, eco-physiology, population ecology, breeding biology.     English

FitzSimmons    Nancy N.        F    Dr.    Institute of Applied Ecology    University of Canberra            Canberra    2601    ACT    Australia        61-2-6201-2237    61-2-6259-7918    61-2-6201-2328    [email protected]    [email protected]    //aerg.canberra.edu.au/staff    Australia, Indo-Pacific    Chelodina, Emydura, Elseya    Population genetics, molecular ecology, field ecology    English

Flanagan    Joseph P.    Joe    M    Director of Veterinary Services    Houston Zoo Inc.    1513 North MacGregor            Houston    77030    Texas    USA        713-533-6628    713-204-0545 C; 281-485-1389 H    713-533-6764    [email protected]    [email protected]        Galapagos Islands, Ecuador    All including most marine species    Veterinary care    English; Espanol

Flores-Villela    Oscar A.    Oscar    M    Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles    Museo de Zoologia    Facultad de Ciencias    UNAM    A.P. 70-399    Mexico     04510    D.F.    Mexico    Mexico    (817) 272-3068    (817) 704-3188    (817) 272-2855    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.mzfcherpetologiaunam.blogspot.com/    Mexico    Dermametys mawii, Kinosternon spp. Claudius angustatus    Systematics and Biogeography    English;  Spanish

Fong    Jonathan J.    Jon    M    M.S., Ph.D candidate    University of California, Berkeley    Museum of Vertebrate Zoology            Berkeley    94720    CA    USA    USA    510-642-3567        510-643-8238    [email protected]        www.jonjfong.com    China, Taiwan    Mauremys (mutica, annamensis, reevesii, sinensis), Sacalia (bealei, quadriocellata), Platysternon megacephalum, Pelomedusa subrufa    Molecular systematics, conservation    English ; Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese)

Fontijne    Wim        M    Studbookkeeper    European Studbook Foundation    Jozef Oreliosingel 207            Schiedam    3122 CS    Zuid Holland    Netherlands        31104431442    31652108555    31104431554    [email protected]            Europe; Netherlands    Chelodina mccordi, Chelodina longicollis, Indotestudo elongata, Chersina angulata    Captive Management    English; Dutch

Fordham    Damien A.    Damien    M    Dr    University of Adelaide    Mawson Bld    School of Earth and Environmental Sciences    The University of Adelaide    Adelaide    5005    SA    Australia    Australia    61 8 8303 6711        61 8 8303 4347    [email protected]        //www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/damien.fordham    Australia    Chelodina rugosa, Chelodina longicollis , Carettochelys inscuplta    Ecological Modelling, Conservation Biology, Population Ecology, Global Change    English

Fornetti    Alessandro Nati    Alessandro    M            Via Flaminia 2016            Roma    00188        Italy    Italy    393498051844    393498051844        [email protected]    [email protected]        Italy, Mediterranean area, Europe        Illegal trade, rescue of seized animals, legislation    English, Italian, French

Frankel    Matthew G.    Matt    M            4250 Surprise Spring Lane            Prescott    86305    AZ    USA            928-717-2533    928-541-9747    [email protected]            USA, Madagascar    Geochelone nigra, Geochelone elegans, Geochelone radiata, Indotestudo elongata, Testudo kleinmanni, Geoemyda spengleri, Pyxis arachnoides sp, Malacochersus tornieri    Captive husbandry, Propagation, Zoo board work, zoo management    English

Freeman    Alastair B.    Alastair    M    Senior Technical Officer     Department of Environment and Resource Management    Threatened Species Group    DERM    P.O. Box 975    Atherton    4883    Queensland    Australia    New Zealand/Australia    0061 7 4091 8179    0061 7 4096 6773    0061 7 4091 8179    [email protected]     [email protected]     //www.epa.qld.gov.au    Australia     Elseya stirlingi,  Elseya lavarackorum, Elseya latitsternum, Emydura sublgosa sublogosa, Emydura subglobosa worrelli, Emydura tanybaraga, Emydura macquarii krefftii, Macrochelodina rugosa, Chelodina canni, Chelodina rankini    Field herpetology, threatened species management, protected area management    English

Freyer    Daniela        F    Project manager    Pro Wildlife    Kidlerstr. 2            Munich    81375        Germany        49 (0)89 81299-507    44 179 4332423    44 89 81299 706    [email protected]        www.prowildlife.de    Global; Germany    Asian freshwater turtles, Malagasy species (Pyxis spp.; G. radiata, G. yniphora)    International trade of tortoises and freshwater turtles    English; French; German

Fritz    Uwe        M    Director    Staatliche Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden    Museum of Zoology (Museum fuer Tierkunde)    A. B. Meyer Building    Koenigsbruecker Landstrasse 159    Dresden    D-01109        Germany        49/351/8926325        49/351/8926327    [email protected]        www.snsd.de    Western Palearctic, SE Asia; Germany    Emydidae, Geoemydidae, Testudinidae    Systematics, Phylogeography    English; German

Garcia    Gerardo        M    PhD. Head of Herpetology    Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust    Les Augres Manor    Trinity        Jersey    JE35BP    Channel Islands    United Kingdom        44 1534 860072    44 1534 859204; 44 7797832751    44 1534 860001    [email protected]    [email protected]        Europe, Madagascar; UK, Caribbean    Erymnochelys madagascariensis, Pyxis planicauda, Geochelone yniphora, G. radiata, Heosemys spinosa, Cuora spp. Terrapene coahuila, Testudo spp.    Fieldwork (trapping, monitoring wild populations, ecological studies,…), intensive captive management , reintroductions, head starting, working with local communities, communications, networking    English; Spanish; French; Catalan; Malagasy

Georges    Arthur        M    Professor in Applied Ecology    University of Canberra    ACT 2601    Australia        Canberra    2601    ACT    Australia        61 2 62015786    61 2 62303128    61 2 62015305    [email protected]        //aerg.canberra.edu.au/staff/georges/    Australasia; Australia; Papua New Guinea    Chelidae, Carettochelydidae    Ecology, Sex Determination, Molecular Systematics and Evolution    English

Gerlach    Justin        M    Scientific co-ordinator    Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles    133 Cherry Hinton Road            Cambridge    CB1 7BX        United Kingdom        (0)1223 246875    (0)1223 246875        [email protected]        //islandbiodiversity.com/jg.htm    Seychelles    Dipsochelys dussumieri (+Geochelone gigantean, Dipsochelys elephantina), Dipsochelys hololissa, Dipsochelys arnoldi, Pelusios castanoides, Pelusios subniger    taxonomy, ecology, conservation breeding, management, reintroduction    English, French, Spanish

Germano    David J.        M    Professor    California State University, Bakersfield    9001 Stockdale Hwy    Sci 14        Bakersfield    93311-1022    CA    USA        661 654-2471    661 589-7846    661 654-6956    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.csub.edu/~dgermano    USA, Mexico    Emys (Actinemys) marmorata, Gopherus agassizii, G. berlandieri, G. flavomarginatus, G. polyphemus, Terrapene ornata, Emydoidea blandingi, Testudo graeca, Chrysemys picta    Ecology, population biology, age determination    English

Ghaffari    Hanyeh    Hani    F    Herpetologist    Pars Herpetologists Institute (PHI)    No 59, 19th street    Gisha        Tehran    1447734953        Iran    Iran    0098 21 88534673-8    0098 9123137832    0098 21 88515630    [email protected]            Iran, Turkey    Rafetus euphraticus, Emys orbicularis, Mauremys caspica    Ecology, field research and conservation of reptiles    English, Farsi

Gibbons    J. Whitfield    Whit    M    Professor    University of Georgia    Savannah River Ecology Lab    Drawer E        Aiken    29803    SC    USA        803 725-5852    803 725-55733    803 725-3309    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA    All US Species    Ecology and life history    English

Gillingwater    Scott D.    Scott    M    Species At Risk Biologist    Upper Thames River Conservation Authority    1424 Clarke Rd.            London    N5V 5B9    Ontario    Canada    Canada    519-451-2800 ext. 236        519-451-1188    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.thamesriver.on.ca   //turtlehomes.org/canada/    Canada    Field research: Clemmys guttata, Emydoidea blandingii, Apalone spinifera, Glyptemys insculpta, Sternotherus odoratus, Chrysemys picta marginata, Chelydra serpentina, Graptemys geographica.  Rescue/rehabilitation: Geoemyda spengleri, Sacalia bealei, Sacalia quadriocellata, Mauremys japonica, Indotestudo elongata, Manouria emys emys, Malacochersus tornieri, Platysternon megacephalum, Cuora galbinifrons, Pyxidea mouhotti, Terrapene carolina etc.    Conservation biology, ecology, reproduction, threat mitigation-species at risk recovery, population dynamics, behaviour, public communication/education, rescue/rehabilitation.    English

Godwin    James C.    Jim    M    Zoologist    Alabama Natural Heritage Program    Environmental Institute    1090 S. Donahue Drive    Auburn University    Auburn     36849    Alabama    USA    USA    334 844-5020    870 217-9904    334 844-4462    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.alnhp.org/; //www.auburn.edu/academic/science_math/cosam/departments/biology/faculty/webpages/guyer/index_files/Page450.htm    United States    Graptemys barbouri, Graptemys ernsti, Graptemys nigrinoda, Graptemys pulchra, Macrochelys temminckii, Pseudemys alabamensis, Pseudemys concinna (secondarily Apalone spinifer, Apalone mutica, Sternotherus minor, Trachemys scripta, Chelydra serpentina as encountered while sampling for target species)    Distribution, status, and conservation of southeastern US freshwater turtles    English

Gong    Shiping        M    Associate Professor    South China Institute of Endangered Animals    No.105, Xin'gang West Road, Haizhu District             Guangzhou    510260    Guangdong    China    China    86-020-84193440    13430323062    86-020-84183704    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.gdei.gd.cn    South China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan,Hunan, Jiangxi)    Cuora galbinifrons, Cuora mouhotii, Geoemyda spengleri, Mauremys nigricans, Mauremys mutica, Mauremys sinensis, Pelodiscus sinensis, Platysternon megacephalum, Sacalia quadriocellata, Sacalia bealei, Pelochelys cantori    Ecology, Captive breeding and Conservation    Chinese, English

Goode    Eric        M    Co-Director    Behler Chelonian Center    49 Bleeker Street            New York    10012    New York    USA                    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.chelonianconservation.com    Madagascar, Myanmar & South Africa    Geochelone radiata, Geochelone platynota, Pyxis planicauda, Pyxis arachnoides, Homopus signatus, Chersina angulata, Geoclemys hamiltoni, Heosemys depressa, Indotestudo forsteni, Manouria impressa, Manouria emys, Geochelone nigra, Homopus areolatus, Kinyxis erosa, Geochelone elegans, Geochelone sulcata    Captive management    English

Griffiths    Owen L.    Owen    M        La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes    Riviere des Anguilles                        Mauritius    Australia    230-6262503    230-6255487 (H) 2560073 (cell)    230-6263642    [email protected]        www.lavanille-reserve.com    Mauritius (includes Rodrigues), Madagascar    Dipsochelys elephantina, Astrochelys radiata    Captive breeding; re-wilding    English;  French

Guyot Jackson    Ghislaine        F    Science Instructor    Keiser University    2311 Bourgogne Drive            Tallahassee    32308    FL    USA    France        850 893 5938        [email protected]    [email protected]        USA and Europe; France    Freshwater or terrestrial turtles    Ecology, Habitat restoration and management, reintroduction,  public education    English; French

Hagen    Cris        M    Research Technician/Herpetologist     Savannah River Ecology Laboratory    Drawer E            Aiken    29802    SC    USA        803-725-5881    803-221-6721    803-725-3309    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA; Indonesia    Any and all chelonians    Herpetology, cheloniology, natural history, ecology, conservation biology, molecular techniques (i.e. microsatellite primer development), biogeography    English

Hagerty    Bridgette        F    Ph.D. Candidate, Research Assistant    University of Nevada, Reno    Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology    MS 314        Reno    89557    NV    USA        775-784-1703    775-846-5685    775-784-1369    [email protected]    [email protected]     //www.biodiversity.unr.edu/~bh/     USA    Gopherus agassizii (Testudinidae), Malaclemys terrapin    Ecological genetics, population ecology, desert ecology    English

Hailey    Adrian        M    Dr    University of the West Indies    Dept of Life Sciences    University of the West Indies        St Augustine            Trinidad & Tobago        868 662 2002        868 663 5241    [email protected]        www.ahailey.f9.co.uk    Trinidad & Tobago, Greece, France    Testudo, Kinosternon    Population ecology, thermoregulation    English

Harding    James H.    Jim    M    Instructor/ Specialist    Michigan State University    MSU Museum, Room 103    West Circle Drive    MSU    East Lansing    48824-1045    MI    USA        517-353-7978        517-432-2846    [email protected]            USA    Glyptemys insculpta, Emydoidea blandingii, Terrapene carolina    Herpetology    English

Heinrich    George L.        M    Field Biologist/Environmental Educator    Heinrich Ecological Services    1213 Alhambra Way S.            St. Petersburg    33705-4620    FL    USA        (727) 865-6255    same        [email protected]        www.heinrichecologicalservices.com     www.ftct.org     USA    Gopherus polyphemus, Malaclemys terrapin, Pseudemys concinna    ecology, conservation and environmental education    English

Hendrie    Douglas B.    Doug    M    Asian Turtle Coordinator    Asian Turtle Program    PO Box 222            Hanoi            Vietnam    USA    844-775-3935            [email protected]    [email protected]    www.Asianturtlenetwork.org    Asia region with particular focus on Vietnam and Myanmar    All Asian turtle species with particular focus on species native to Vietnam and Myanmar    Conservation program management and development, Communications and education, International relations    English

Henen    Brian T.        M    Assistant Researcher IV    University of California, Los Angeles    Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology    621 Young Drive South        Los Angeles    90095-1606    CA    USA        (1) 310 713 0806    (1) 760 724 7541    (1) 310 206 3987    [email protected]            Africa, North America; USA; South Africa; Madagascar; Uzbekistan    Psammobates geometricus, Homopus signatus, Gopherus agassizii, Homopus areolatus, Psammobates tentorius, Chersina angulata, Testudo horsfieldi, Geochelone radiata, Pyxis arachnoides    Physiological, nutritional and reproductive ecology; Conservation Biology    English

Heng    Sovannara        M    Project Manager    Wildlife Conservation Society    #21,St.21, Tonle Bassac    P.O.Box 1620        Phnom Penh            Cambodia        (855-23) 217 205 / 219 443    (855-16) 333 785    (855-23) 217 205 / 219 443    [email protected]    [email protected]        Cambodia    Batagur baska    Field research and Management    English; Khmer

Hennig    Andreas S.    Andreas    M        German Chelonia Group    Gustav-Mahler-Strasse 31            Leipzig    04109    Saxony    Germany    Germany    49-(0)341-2682492    49-(0)341-2682492        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.radiata.de; www.chrysemys.de    global    Chrysemys picta, Pseudemys spp., Trachemys spp., Cuora spp., Mauremys spp., Sacalia spp., Chelodina spp., Elseya spp., Emydura spp., Sternotherus spp., Kinosternon spp., Apalone spp.    Keeping and breeding of freshwater turtles; editor of chelonian journals; systematics of sliders, cooters, and Painted turtles; freshwater turtle conservation    English;  German

Herman    Dennis W.    Dennis    M    Environmental Biologist    Biological Surveys Group, N.C. Department of Transportation    (Home) 503 Whitehall Way            Cary    27511    NC    USA    USA        (919) 380-0419 Home        [email protected]            USA; Southeastern United States    Glyptemys muhlenbergii (Bog Turtle)        English

Herman    Thomas B.    Tom    M    Professor    Biology Department, Acadia University                Wolfville     B4P 2R6    Nova Scotia    Canada        01 902 585 1469    01 902 678 0383    01 902 585 1059    [email protected]    [email protected]        Canada, USA, Malaysia, Belize, Costa Rica    Emydoidea blandingii, Glyptemys insculpta, Batagur baska, Chrysemys picta, Chelydra serpentina, Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima,Kinosternon spp    Population ecology and genetics- movements, reproduction, population dynamics, population genetic structure; Species-at-risk recovery    English

Hodges    Kathryn M.    Kate    F    PhD student    Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra    Level C, building 3 University of Canberra    Bruce ACT 2617        Canberra    2617    ACT    Australia    Australia    61 02 6201 2937    Home +61 02 6251 9938  mobile 0410 413 915        [email protected]    [email protected]    //aerg.canberra.edu.au/staff/georges/pj_riverland.htm     Australia    Chelodina expansa, Chelodina longicollis, Emydura macquarii (including east Australian coast subspecies), Emydura kreftii, Elseya latisternum    Molecular ecology, phylogeography, phylogenetics, ecology, GIS, ecological niche modeling    English

Hofmeyr    Margaretha D.    Retha    F    Professor    University of the Western Cape    Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Department    Private Bag X17        Bellville    7535    Western Cape Province    South Africa        27 21 959 2313    27 21 906 2291; (cell) 27 82 202 3179    27 21 959 2312; 27 21 959 1237    [email protected]        www.bcb.uwc.ac.za/staff/retha/index.htm    South Africa    Psammobates geometricus, Psammobates tentorius, Psammobates oculiferus, Homopus areolatus, Homopus signatus, Chersina angulata, Future work is planned on more tortoise species in South Africa    Reproductive physiology and ecology, Resource requirements, Phylogeography (in collaboration)    English; Afrikaans

Holloway    Rohan        M    PhD Candidate    Institute of Applied Ecology,     University of Canberra    Bruce         Canberra    2601    ACT    Australia        (+61) (2) 62012450    (+61) (0) 420537655    (+61) (2) 62814621    [email protected]    [email protected]    //aerg.canberra.edu.au/php/showstudent.php?usercode=hollowayr    Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia    Batagur baska, other turtle species in trade in above countries    Wildlife trade, social aspects of wildlife harvest and trade    English, Khmer

Holmstrom    William F.    Bill    M    Collection Manager    Department of Herpetology    Wildlife Conservation Society    Bronx Zoo    2300 Southern Blvd.    Bronx    10460    NY    USA        718-220-5042    914-248-8856    718-220-6887    [email protected]    [email protected]        Myanmar, Madagascar    Geochelone platynota, G. radiata, K. trivittata    Zoo husbandry, conservation practice    English

Hoogmoed    Marinus S.        M    Pesquisador colaborador    Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi/CZO    Caixa Postal 399            Belém     66017-970    Pará    Brazil    Netherlands    55 91 3217 6097    55 91 3226 4644        [email protected]    [email protected]        Amazon Region, mostly Brazil; Suriname    All species in the region    Taxonomy, nomenclature, ecology    English; Spanish; French; Dutch; Portuguese; German; Surinamese

Horne    Brian D.         M    Student (Ph.D. candidate)    Ohio University    Dept of Biological Sciences            Athens    45701    OH    USA        740 597 1931    740 603 0867        [email protected]    [email protected]        USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, India, Myanmar    Acanthochelys pallidipectoris, Graptemys flavimaculata, Gopherus polyphemus, Glyptemys muhlenbergii, Dermatemys mawii, Kinosternon leucostomum, Kinosternon scorpioides, Kinosternon acutum, Kinosternon herrerai, Claudius angustatus, Staurotypus triporcatus, Rhinoclemys areolata, Chelydra rossignonii, Kachuga kachuga, Kachuga trivittata, Chelodina spp., Chitra Chitra, Chersina angulata    Ecological developmental biology  with specific emphasis on the role of embryonic diapause and embryonic aestivation    English; Spanish

Horta    Gabriel de Freitas    Gabriel    M            SQS 106 Bloco C apto 605    Asa Sul         Brasília    70345-030    Distrito Federal     Brazil    Brazil    55 66 9218-0681    55 61 3443-3405 , 61 8438-1218, 66 9218-0681        [email protected]    [email protected]        Brazil, Cerrado    Acanthochelys spixii, Trachemys scripta elegans    Master of Science in Animal Biology at Universidade de Brasília    English; Portuguese

Howeth    Jennifer G.        F    Doctoral Candidate: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior    University of Texas at Austin    Section of Integrative Biology    1 University Station C0930        Austin    78712    Texas    USA        512-475-9535    512-297-3814    512-478-3878    [email protected]            Mexico    Terrapene  coahuila    Metapopulation and metacommunity ecology; conservation biology; aquatic ecology    English

Hudson    Rick        M    Conservation Biologist    Fort Worth Zoo    1989 Colonial Pkwy            Fort Worth    76110    TX    USA        1-817-759-7177        1-817-759-7501    [email protected]            USA, Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, India)          Captive management, capacity building    English

Ibarrondo    Bonggi Rodrigo    Bonggi    M    Director    Indonesian Turtle Conservation Group    Jl. Tumunggung Wiradireja No 216, Rt. 03/06 Cimahpar            Bogor     16155    West Java     Indonesia    Spain    62 251 657002 / 657208 ext: 39    62 (0)852 1631 1131    62 251 657171    [email protected]            Indonesia, Timor Leste    Chelodina mccordi, Leucocephalon yuwonoi, Indotestudo forstenii; Genereally all Indonesian species of Tortoises and Freswater turtles    Trade investigations, Rescue, Keeping and breeding, Conservation Project Management, Species Status Evaluation    English, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese

Inchaustegui    Sixto J.        M    Board member    Grupo Jaragua    El Vergel 33, El Vergel            Santo Domingo            Dominican Republic        (809)472-1036    (809)472-1036 home; (809) 880-5111 cell        [email protected]    [email protected]        Dominican Republic, Hispaniola, West Indies    Trachemys stejnegeri, Trachemys decorata    Biodiversity conservation, Protected Areas    English; Spanish

Innis    Charles J.    Charlie    M    Veterinarian    New England Aquarium    Central Wharf            Boston    2110    MA    USA        617-226-2151    617-877-5415        [email protected]            USA    Any    Veterinary Medicine    English

Iskandar    Djoko T.        M    Professor    School of Life Sciences and Technology Institut Teknologi Bandung    10, Jalan Ganesa, Bandung 40132            Bandung    40132    West Java    Indonesia        + ext. 35    +62.22.601.0655    +    [email protected]            Indonesia    Reptilia, all Indonesian turtles    Biosystematics, Evolution, Ecological Management & Engineering    English; French; Dutch; Indonesian

Ivanchev    Ivo E.        M    Founder\Manager    Gea Chelonia Foundation    2, Bisser Str.             Sofia    1421        Bulgaria        +359 2 8652925    +359 886913916        [email protected]            Bulgaria     Testudo hermanni boettgeri;Testudo graeca ibera    Biology; Ecology    Bulgarian; English; Russian; Dutch

Iverson    John B.        M    Professor of Biology    Earlham College    801 National Road West            Richmond    47374    IN    USA        1-765-983-1405        1-765-983-1497    [email protected]        //www.earlham.edu/~johni/    USA; Mexico; Colombia; China    Kinosternon; Kinosternidae; Geoemydidae    Systematics and ecology    English

Jackson    Dale R.        M    Senior Research Zoologist    Florida State University    Florida Natural Areas Inventory    Florida State University     1018 Thomasville Road, Suite 200-C    Tallahassee    32309    FL    USA        850-224-8207 x212    850-893-5938    850-681-9364    [email protected]            USA    Pseudemys concinna, Deirochelys reticularia, Gopherus polyphemus, Pseudemys floridana, Trachemys scripta, Macrochelys temminckii, Pseudemys nelsoni    ecology, reproduction, conservation    English

Jacobson    Elliott R.        M    University Professor    University of Florida    Box 100126, SACS, College of Veterinary Medicine            Gainesville    32610    FL    USA        352-392-4700 x5775    352-219-4344    352=392-6125    [email protected]            USA    Multiple species of chelonians    Infectious disease and pathology    English

Janzen    Fredric J.    Fred    M    Professor    Iowa State University    Department of Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology            Ames    50011-1020    IA    USA        515-294-4230        515-294-1337    [email protected]        //www.public.iastate.edu/~fjanzen    USA, Costa Rica, Australia    Chrysemys picta, Trachemys scripta, Chelydra serpentina, Emys blandingii, Graptemys spp., Apalone spp., Terrapene ornate, Emydura macquarii, Chelodina expansa    Conservation, ecology, evolution, population and quantitative genetics, sex determination, nesting behavior, phylogenetics, phylogeography, physiological ecology, climate change, demography, life-history evolution    English

Jensen    Karen A.    Kitti    F    Graduate Student-Researcher    Institute of Biodiversity & Environmental Conservation    Universiti Malaysia Sarawak            Kota Samarahan    94300    Sarawak    Malaysia    USA    (060)(82) 671-000 ext. 247    (060)(12) 890-3692    (060)(82) 671727    [email protected]            Currently:  Malaysia & Borneo; Previously: Southwestern USA; Pacific Islands/Oceana    Currently:  freshwater turtles and tortoises of Malaysia and Borneo; Previous:  California desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii), Sea turtles     applied ecology, management, conservation    English; Malay ; Pacific Islands Pidgin

Jones    Robert L.        M    Herpetologist & Invertebrate Biologist    Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks    Museum of Natural Science    2148 Riverside Drive        Jackson    39202-1353    MS    USA        601 354-7303 X113    601 992-7655    601 354-7227    [email protected]    [email protected]        Southeastern USA    Research and Management: Graptemys oculifera,  G. flavimaculata, G. nigrinoda, G. pulchra, G. ouachitensis, G. pseudogeographica, G. gibbonsi, Management: Trachemys scripta, Pseudemys concinna, P. alabamensis, Chelydra serpentina, Macrochelys temminckii, Chrysemys dorsalis, Deirochelys reticularia, Malaclemys terrapin, Terrapene carolina, Kinosternon subrubrum, Sternotherus odoratus, S. minor, S. carinatus. Gopherus polyphemus, Apalone mutica, A. spinifera.    Life history and ecology    English

Juvik    James O.    Jim    M    Professor & Chair, Geography & Environmental Studies    University of Hawaii-Hilo    200 W. Kawili St.            Hilo    96720    HI    USA        1-808-974-7648    1-808-896-4460    1-808-974-7737    [email protected]            Africa (Namibia, Madagascar), Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, China)    Geochelone yniphora, radiata, Homopus/Psammobates, Asian terrestrial species    field ecology, protected area management, habitat modelling    English

Kalb    Heather J.        F                                    USA                    [email protected]            USA            English

Kennett    Rod M.        M    Research Fellow    North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance    Charles Darwin University            Darwin    909    Northern Territory    Australia        61 8 89466666        61 8 89466388    [email protected]        www.cdu.edu.au    Australia    Chelidae, Carettochelys    Ecology, sustainable use, Indigenous management    English

Kiester    A. Ross    Ross    M    Principal    Biodiversity Futures Consulting    5550 SW Redtop Place            Corvallis    97333    OR    USA        541-231-6127    541-231-6127        [email protected]        emys.geo.orst.edu    Global; USA; Vietnam    Terrapene carolina, Podocnemis unifilis, Gopherus, Homopus, Pyxis, Geochelone, SE Asian freshwater turtles and tortoises    Biogeography, ecology, population biology, demography, habitat analysis, remote sensing, statistics, philosophy    English

Klerks    Mark        M    ESF studbookkeeper        Mr. Ruys de Beerenbrouckstraat 24            Waalwijk    5142TJ        Netherlands            0031-416-345295        [email protected]     [email protected]    //www.xs4all.nl/~cuora    Netherlands, South Africa    Fieldwork: Homopus signatus signatus (fieldwork 2000-2002), Homopus signatus cafer (fieldwork 2002), Homopus boulengeri (fieldwork 2006; Studbook: Cuora flavomarginata (studbookkeeper ESF, private breeding); private breeding: Homopus signatus, Malacochersus tornieri, Terrapene carolina triunguis, Terrapene carolina major, Terrapene ornata, Testudo g.graeca, Testudo hercegovinensis, Testudo h.boettgeri, Sternotherus m.minor, Geochelone pardalis, Platysternon megacephalum    Fieldwork, captive breeding    English; Dutch

Kuchling    Gerald        M    Research Fellow    School of Animal Biology     The University of Western Australia    35Stirling Highway        Crawley    WA 6009        Australia    Austria    (+61) 8 6488 2243    (+61) 8 9381 5187    (+61) 8 6488 1029    [email protected]            Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, China, Mediterranean Europe    Testudo hermanni, Emys orbicularis, Erymnochelys madagascariensis, Pyxis planicauda, P. arachnoides, Asterochelys yniphora, A. radiata, Psuedemydura umbrina, Pelusios castanoides, Pelomedusa subrufa, Chelodina sp., Emydura sp., Elseya sp., Aldabrachelys dussumieri, Chersina angulata, Psammobates geometricus, Homopus areolatus, Kachuga trivittata, Chitra chitra, Chitra vandijki, Nilssonia formosa, Batagur baska, Callagur borneoensis    Reproductive biology, ecology, captive breeding, species recovery, conservation, field surveys, systematics    English; French; German

Lau    Michael        M    Senior Manager    Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden    Lam Kam Road, Tai Po, New Territories            Hong Kong SAR            China        852-24837177    852-27198584    852-24831877    [email protected]            Hong Kong, South China    Cuora trifasciata, other Hong Kong and South China chelonians    Ecology, conservation, trade monitoring    English; Chinese

Lawson    Dwight P.        M    Vice President Animal Programs and Science    Zoo Atlanta    800 Cherokee Ave. SE            Atlanta    30315    GA    USA        404-624-5619    404-493-4539 (cell)    404-627-7514    [email protected]        www.zooatlanta.org    Cameroon, Africa, Asia    Kinixys erosa, Kinixys homeana. Currently maintain significant captive collection of a variety of species – of particular importance: Heosemys depressa, M. impressa, M. emys.    Natural history, taxonomy, captive husbandry    English

Le    Minh        M    Graduate student    American Museum of Natural History    Department of Herpetology    Central Park West at 79th Street        New York    10024    NY    USA    Vietnam    212-313-7853    212-316-2439    212-769-5031    [email protected]            Vietnam    Taxonomy and Systematics: families Geoemydidae, Testudinidae, and Emydidae; Fieldwork and conservation: Cuora amboinensis, Heosemys grandis, Cyclemys tcheponensis, Geoemyda spengleri, Hieremys annandalii, Malayemys subtrijuga, Mauremys annamensis, Siebenrockiella crassicollis        English; Vietnamese

Lechowicz    Christopher J.    Chris    M    Herpetologist/IT Specialist    Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation    3333 Sanibel-Captiva Rd            Sanibel    33957    FL    USA    USA    239-472-3984    Home 239-437-4148 Cell 708-359-0396    239-472-4652    [email protected]    [email protected]          Work: //www.sccf.org  Personal: //www.graptemys.com    USA, Madagascar    All Graptemys species, Malaclemys terrapin macrospilota, Terrapene carolina bauri, All 4 native Madagascar Tortoises    Morphology (Graptemys), population dynamics (Graptemys)    English

Lehr    Edgar        M    Dr./ Postdoctoral Fellow    Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center    1345 Jayhawk Blvd., Dyche Hall            Lawrence    66044    KS    USA    Germany    1-785-864-3439    1-785-812-3316    1-785-864-5335    [email protected]            Peru; SE-Asia; Vietnam    Cuora galbinifrons, Cuora bourreti, Cuora picturata, Cyclemys spp., Mauremys spp.    Taxonomy, Biogeography, Trade and cultural use of turtles    English; Spanish; German

Leontyeva    Olga A.    Olga    F    Prof.    Dep. Biogeography, Fac. Geography, Moscow State University    Vorobiovi Gori            Moscow    119992        Russia        +7 495 9394717    +7 495 3050719    +7 495 932 88 36    [email protected]            Krasnodarskij Kraj of Russia, Georgia, Abkhazia (Caucasus)    Testudo graeca nikolskii, Emys orbicularis    Biology, ecology, biogeography, area.    English; Russian

Leuteritz    Thomas E.J.    Thomas    M    Conservation Ecologist    Redlands Institute, University of Redlands    1200 E Colton Ave             Redlands    92373    CA     USA    Canada    (909) 335-5383    (909) 801-9378    (909) 307-6952    [email protected]        //bulldog2.redlands.edu/fac/tel/    USA, Madagascar, South Africa    Gopherus agassizii, Geochelone radiata, Psammobates tentorius, Chrysemys picta, Emydoidea blandingii, Chelydra serpentina, Terrapene carolina    Ecology, systematics, conservation & biodiversity,  environmental science  & public policy    English; French; German

Lewis    Richard E.        M    Conservation Coordinator    Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust    BP 8511            Antananarivo    101        Madagascar    United Kingdom    261-202235748    261-331118989    261-202235748    [email protected]        www.durrell.org    Philippines; Mascarenes; Mauritius; Madagascar    Erymnochelys madagascariensis; Geochelone yniphora; Pyxis planicauda    Conservation    English; French ; Malagasy

Lieberman    Susan S.    Sue    F    Director, Global Species Programme    WWF International                            Switzerland    USA    39 06 8449 7331    Cell: +39 347 297 2856    39 06 841 3866    [email protected]     [email protected] (personal email)    www.panda.org/species     Global; Italy    Global-with a focus on a subset of priority species (including not only global flagship species but several ecoregional priority species and species subject to international trade).     Wildlife trade and CITES, Conservation policy    English; Spanish; Hebrew: Italian

Limpus    Colin J.    Col    M    Chief Scientist    Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management    PO Box 15155            Brisbane (City East)    4002    Queensland    Australia    Australia    61 7 32277718    67 7 3245 4056; 67 (0) 4 3821 0001        [email protected]            Australia    Emydura m. signata;E.m.krefftii;E.m.macquarii;E. m. nigra; Emydura subglobusa; Elseya albagula;E.latisternum;E.belli;Elusor macrurus; Rheodytes leukops; Chelodina longicollis; C. expansa; C. canni; C. rugosa; wild hybrid Chelodina populations    Population dynamics; reproductive biology and ecology; management strategies; mitigating impacts of dams and weirs    English

Limpus            Duncan J.            Duncan            M            Senior Technical Officer            Department of Environment and Resource Management            PO Box 843                                    Bundaberg            4670            Queensland            Australia            Australia            61 7 4159 2804            0407 734 608            61 7 4159 1671            [email protected]             [email protected]                         Australia            Elseya albagula, Elseya irwini, Elseya belli, Elseya sterlingi, Elseya lavarackorum, Wollumbinia latisternum, Chelodina expansa, Chelodina rugosa, Chelodina longicollis, Chelodina rankini, Chelodina canni, Emydura macquarii nigra, Emydura macquarii macquarii, Emydura macquarii krefftii, Emydura macquarii signata, Emydura macquarii emmotti, Emydura subglobosa, Emydura worreli, Emydura tanybaraga, Elusor macrurus, Rheodytes leukops            Population dynamics, Reproductive ecology, Census methodology, Threatening processes.            English

Lindeman    Peter V.    Peter    M    Professor of Biology    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania    Department of Biology and Health Services    150 Cooper Hall    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania    Edinboro    16444    PA    USA    USA    (814) 732-2447    (814) 403-1501    (814) 732-1691    [email protected]        users.edinboro.edu/plindeman    USA    Graptemys spp., Chrysemys picta, Trachemys scripta, Pseudemys concinna, Pseudemys texana, Apalone mutica, Apalone spinifera, Sternotherus odoratus, Sternotherus carinatus    Ecology, evolution, life history, conservation    English, German

Lipman    Alison        F    Doctoral Candidate    University of Georgia, Institute of Ecology    2912 Meadowwood Ave.            Thousand Oaks    91360    CA    USA        591-3-355-3835    805-493-1200; 591-704-98117 (cell)    591-3-355-3835    [email protected]    [email protected], [email protected]    selvaconservation.org (under construction)    USA, Bolivia    Podocnemis expansa, P. unifilis    Reproductive, fitness, mortality studies; conservation    English ; Spanish

Litzgus    Jacqueline D.        F    Assistant Professor    Laurentian University    Department of Biology    935 Ramsey Lake Road        Sudbury    P3E 2C6    Ontario    Canada        705-675-1151 ext 2314    705-677-0402    705-675-4859    [email protected]        //biology.laurentian.ca/faculty/litzgus.htm    Canada, USA    Clemmys guttata, Glyptemys insculpta, Emydoidea blandingii, Chrysemys picta, Chelydra serpentina, Sternotherus odoratus, Graptemys geographica    Life history, ecology, behaviour, demography, natural history, conservation    English

Livoreil    Barbara A.        F    Scientific officer    SOPTOM – CRCC    BP 24 – Tortoise village            Gonfaron    83590        France        (33) 494 78 28 93    (33) 680 00 05 16        [email protected]            France    Testudo hermanni    Ethology – Eco-ethology    English; French

Loehr    Victor J.T.        M    M.Sc.    Homopus Research Foundation    Kwikstaartpad 1            IJsselstein    3403 ZH        Netherlands        31-(0)30-6888616    31-(0)30-6888616        [email protected]        //www.homopus.org    Netherlands, South Africa    Homopus signatus (field and captive), Homopus boulengeri (field), Homopus femoralis (captive), Homopus areolatus (captive); Used to work on: Malacochersus tornieri (captive), Pyxis arachnoides (captive)    Ecology (population dynamics, activity patterns, diet, reproduction, etc.); Small, rock-dwelling tortoises (e.g., Homopus spp., M. tornieri); Captive breeding; Studbook management (insurance colonies)    English; Dutch

Louis    Edward E., Jr.    Ed    M    Conservation Geneticist    Henry Doorly Zoo – Grewcock Center for Conservation and Research    3701 South 10th Street            Omaha    68107    Nebraska    USA        (402)738-2095    (402)305-7544    (402)733-0490    [email protected]            Madagascar; Ecuador (Galapagos); Mexico; Thailand; South Africa    All species of tortoises and some turtles, especially in the countries listed previously.    Molecular genetics, direct involvement of graduate level students in the studies, and local community based interaction.     English

Lovich    Jeffrey E.    Jeff    M    Dr.  Research Ecologist    Southwest Biological Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey    2255 North Gemini Drive, MS-9394            Flagstaff    86001    AZ    USA    USA    928-556-7358    928-556-7092        [email protected]        //sbsc.wr.usgs.gov/about/contact/bio/lovich_jeff.aspx?id=262    USA    Clemmys, Glyptemys, Actinemys, Graptemys, Mauremys, Trachemys, Kinosternon, Gopherus    Ecology, evolutionary ecology, population biology    English

Luiselli    Luca        M    Chair of Research (Ecology)    Centre of Environmental Studies 'Demetra s.r.l.'    Via Olona 7            Roma    I-00198        Italy        39-06-99838517    39-06-8809634    39-06-8411964    [email protected]            Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Italy; mainly in Nigeria & Italy     Kinixys spp, Pelusios spp, Pelomedusa subrufa, Trionyx triunguis, Cyclanorbis spp, Testudo hermanni, Emys orbicularis    Ecology, Ethology, Population biology, Modelling ecology, Conservaton biology    English; Spanish; French; Italian; West African Pidgin

Mantziou    Georgia        F    MSc.    Natural History Museum of Crete    University of Crete    Knossou Av., P.O.Box 2208        Irakleio    71409    Crete    Greece        +30 2810 393266, +30 2810 394079    +30 2810 210479    +30 2810 324366    [email protected]            Greece and east Mediterranean region     Palaearctic Mauremys species with emphasis on Mauremys rivulata.     Phylogeography and population genetics    English ; Greek

Maran    Jérôme        M        L'association du refuge des tortues    Mairie de Bessières – 26, place du Souvenir     427, route de Saint-Léon ; 31450 Ayguesvives        Bessières    31660        France        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.lerefugedestortues.fr    Africa, especially central africa; Gabon, Cameroun, Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville), Central African Republic    Genus Pelomedusa, Pelusios, Kinixys, Cycloderma, Cyclanorbis and Trionyx        English; Spanish; French; Italian

McCormack    Tim        M    Field Research Team Leader    Asian Turtle Program (ATP)    PO Box 222, Hanoi Central Post Office, Hanoi, Vietnam    Office #2/C5 TT Dai Hoc Ngoai Thuong, Ngo 125, Chua Lang    Dong Da,    Hanoi            Vietnam    USA    +84 (0)4 7753935            [email protected]        www.asianturtlenetwork.org    Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar    Cuora mouhotii (species focused field project) (captive experience); Cuora bourreti (species focused field project) (captive experience); Cuora picturata (captive experience); Cuora galbinifrons (captive experience); Mauremys annamensis (species focused field project) (captive experience); Rafetus swinhoei (species focused field project); Sacalia quadriocellata (captive experience); Indotestudo elongata (captive experience); Heosemys grandis (captive experience); Hieremys annandalii (captive experience); Cuora amboinensis (captive experience); Cyclemys sp. (captive experience); Siebenrockiella crassicollis (captive experience); Ocadia sinensis (captive experience)    Turtle species focused: Field surveys, interview surveys, radio telemetry studies, student and ranger training, captive care and management development     English ; Vietnamese

McCoy    Earl D.        M    Dr.    University of South Florida    Department of Biology    4202 East Fowler Avenue        Tampa    33620    Florida    USA        813-974-5219    813-935-3329    813-974-3263    [email protected]            USA, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico    Gopherus polyphemus, G. agassizii, Kinosternon baurii    Ecology, population biology, conservation    English

McDiarmid    Roy W.        M    Research Zoologist, Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles    National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution    USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center    PO Box 37012    Room 378, MRC 111    Washington    20013-7012    DC    USA        202 633-0731    703 536-6653    202 357-1932    [email protected]            North, Central, and South America [primarily USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela]    Sternotherus, Chelydra, Mesoclemmys     Systematics, ecology, biogeography    English; Spanish

McGaugh    Suzanne E.        F    Graduate Student    Iowa State University     Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology    251 Bessey Hall        Ames    50011    IA    USA        515-294-9347    515-232-2415, 512-497-5813    515-294-1337    [email protected]            USA (Texas, Iowa, Illinois), Mexico (Coahuila, Cuatro Ciénegas, and Chihuahua)    Trachemys scripta, Trachemys taylori, Apalone spinifera, Apalone ater, Terrapene coahuila, Chrysemys picta    Population genetics,  Phylogeography, Phylogenetics, Molecular Genetics    English

Medica    Philip A.        M    Wildlife Biologist/Ecologist    U.S. Geological Survey/Biological Resources Division    Western Ecological Research Center     Las Vegas Field Station    160 N. Stephanie Street    Henderson    89074    NV    USA        (702) 564-4573    (702)914-7461    (702) 465-4600    [email protected]        www.usgs.gov/lasvegas/medica.asp    USA, Southwestern states of Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico    Gopherus agassizii    Herpetology, Desert Ecology (long-term studies), Small Mammal Ecology (desert rodents), Radioecology (radiation effects on natural populations).    English

Meshaka    Walter E., Jr.        M    Senior Curator of Zoology and Botany    State Museum of Pennsylvania    300 North Street            Harrisburg    17120    Pennsylvania    USA        717-783-9901    717-728-0533    717-214-2990    [email protected]            Eastern United States    Sternotherus odoratus, Kinosternon baurii, Gopherus polyphemus, Terrapene carolina, Glyptemys insculpta, Deirochelys reticularia    Ecology, geographic variation in life history traits    English

Métrailler    Sébastien        M            Ch. Du Bosquet 6                1967    Bramois    Switzerland    Switzerland            41272036973    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.chelidae.com    South America, French Guyana, Paraguay, Argentina    Chelidae from South America (particularly Acanthochelys).    Observation in the wild and captive breeding    English;  French

Meylan    Peter A.        M    Professor of Biology and Marine Science    Eckerd College    Natural Sciences    4200 54th Ave. S        St. Petersburg    33711    FL    USA        727-864-8497        727-864-8382    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.eckerd.edu/academics/index.php?f=detail&m=BI&c=N    Panama, Bermuda, USA    Apalone ferox, Pseudemys concinna, P. floridana, P. nelsoni. Sternotherus minor, S. odoratus, Chelydra serpentina, Trachemys scripta, Malaclemys terrapin, Clemmys guttata    Morphology and morphology based phylogeny; field biology, ecology, conservation biology    English

Mitchell    Joseph C.    Joe    M    Independent Research Ecologist    Mitchell Ecological Research Service, LLC    10404 Patterson Ave., Suite 208            Richmond    23238    VA    USA        804-314-5533    804-314-5533 cell    804-740-7086    [email protected]            USA    Emydidae, Kinosternidae, Chelydridae    Conservation biology, population ecology, life histories    English

Mittermeier    Russell A.    Russ    M    President    Conservation International    2011 Crystal Drive    Suite 500        Arlington    22202    VA    USA        01-703-341-2689    Mobile: 01-202-203-9636    01-703-553-4817    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.conservation.org    Madagascar; Brazil; Suriname; Guyana    Podocnemis; Chelids        English; Spanish; French; German; Portuguese

Mobaraki    Asghar        M    Reptilian Expert    Department of Environment    Wildlife and Aquatic Affairs Bureau    Mehhat Highway, Pardisan Eco-Park    P.O.Box 5181    Tehran    15875        Iran        98 21 88269293    Cell: 09123849616    98 21 88267993    [email protected]            Iran    Rafetus euphraticus, Testudo spp, Emys orbicularis, Mauremys caspica    Biology and Ecology    English; Farsi (Persian); Turkish (Azari)

Moler    Paul E.        M    Biological Administrator (Retired)    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission    4005 S Main Street            Gainesville    32601    FL    USA        01-352-955-2230    01-352-495-9419    01-352-955-2183    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA, Vietnam, South Africa    Gopherus polyphemus, Macrochelys temminckii, Graptemys barbouri, Apalone ferox, Apalone mutica    Population survey, genetics, harvest     English

Moll    Don        M    Professor of Biology    Missouri State University    Biology Dept.        901 S. National     Springfield    65897-7920    MO    USA        1-417-836-5062    1-417-877-8124    1-417-836-4204    [email protected]        //www.faculty.missouristate.edu/d/dlm505f/default.htm    Global; USA, Costa Rica, Belize, Thailand, Tanzania    All  turtles and tortoises    Ecology and conservation biology    English

Moll    Edward O.    Ed    M    Dr./ Professor Emeritus    Eastern Illinois Univiersity    1941 W. Sunset Knoll Ln.            Tucson    85704    Arizona    USA        520 742 6525            [email protected]            Malaysia, India, United States    River Turtles    Ecology, Conservation    English ; Spanish

Mortimer    Jeanne A.        F    Dr.        c/o P.O. Box 445            Victoria    0000    Mahe    Seychelles    USA    ++ (248) 579-636    ++ (248) 323-050    ++ 1 – (208) 567-4807    [email protected]            Current:   Seychelles; Previous:  Brazil (Rio Trombetas)    Current:    Aldabrachelys elephantina (a.k.a. Geochelone gigantea);  Pelusios subniger parietalis;  Pelusios castanoides intergularis;  Pelusios seychellensis (extinct?); Previous:  Podocnemis expansa    Population assessment & management     English ; Spanish; French; Portuguese; Seychellois Kreol

Mushinsky    Henry R.        M    Professor of Biology/Graduate Director    University of South Florida    Department of Biology -SCA 110            Tampa    33620    FL    USA        813-974-5218    813-949-7005    813-974-3263    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA    Gopherus polyphemus    Ecology/Natural History    English

Mwaya    Reginald T.        M    Lecturer    College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka    P.O. Box 3031            Moshi            Tanzania        255 27 2756451    Cell +255 27 0744 450 496    255 27 2756414    [email protected]            Tanzania, East Africa sub-region    Pancake tortoise, Malacochersus tornieri (Testudinidae)    Wildlife ecology, Wildlife management and conservation    English; Kiswahili

Noureen    Uzma     Uzma    F    Wetlands Conservation Biologist    Pakistan Wetlands Programme, WWF – Pakistan    House No. 3, Street No. 4    Sector F-7/3        Islamabad        Islamabad Capital Territory    Pakistan    Pakistan    0092-51-2610880/5    0092 344 9763634    0092-51-2610878    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.pakistanwetlands.org; www.wwfpak.org     Pakistan    Freshwater turtles (Chitra indica, Aspideretes gangeticus, Aspideretes hurum)    Biological and socio-economic surveys, research, management, lobbying, advocacy, training and capacity-building    English; Urdu; Saraiki

Ogle    Ronnie M.    Michael    M    Lead Keeper    Knoxville Zoological Gardens    P.O. Box 6040            Knoxville    37914    Tennessee    USA    USA    1-865-637-5331 ext 342    865-247-5362 H and 865-250-0234 M    865-637-1943    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA and Madagascar    Pyxis planicauda, Pyxis arachnoides, Astrochelys radiata, Geochelone platynota, Manouria impressa, Geochelone elegans, Geochelone gigantea, Homopus signatus, Malacochersus tornieri    Captive Breeding of Malagasy tortoises    English

Orenstein    Ronald I.    Ron    M            1825 Shady Creek Court            Mississauga    L5L 3W2    Ontario    Canada    Canada        (905) 820-7886; (905) 301-3332 (cell)    (905) 569-0116    [email protected]            Global        CITES and other MEA's    English

Ota    Hidetoshi    Toshi    M                                    Japan               [email protected]                 Japan            English, Japanese

Owens    Thomas C.    Tommy    M    Senior Keeper    San Diego Zoo    Dept. of Herpetology    P.O. Box 120551        San Diego    92112    CA    USA        (619) 231-1515 ext.4163    (951)926-6879 Cell (865)405-5331     (619)685-3211    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.sandiegozoo.org    Captive: Global; in-Situ: United States    Captive: Many species of tortoise and fresh water turtles In-Situ: Actinemys (or Emys) marmorata pallida, G. muhlenbergii    Captive management; field monitoring, telemetry    English;  Spanish

Páez    Vivian P.        F    Associate professor    Instituto de Biología; Universidad de Antioquia     Bloque 7-106; A.A 1226; Medellín; Colombia    Carrera 25B-26 SUR-009; casa 140; Urbanización Sierra Verde; Envigado        Medellín        Antioquia    Colombia        (574) 2105628; 2105622; 2105620    (574) 3362953    (574) 2330120    [email protected]        www.udea.edu.co.     Colombia    Podocnemis lewyana. Trachemys callirostris calliostris. Podocnemis unifilis. Geochelone carbonaria    Population ecology; reproductive ecology; conservation biology    English; Spanish

Pappas    Michael J.        M    Owner-CEO    Michael's Restaurant    15 South Broadway            Rochester        Minnesota    USA        1.507.288.2020    1.507.280.4064    1.507.288.5553    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.michaelsfinedining.com    North America (Minnesota and Wisconsin – Upper Mississippi River marsh and river turtles)     Emydoidea blandingii, Apalone spinifera, Apalone mutica, Graptemys geographica, Graptemys pseudogeographica, Graptemys ouachitensis, Chelydra, Chrysemys picta belli, and Glyptemys insculpta    Expertise in aquatic trapping methodology for both lentic and lotic chelonians; research on life history, demographics and reproductive strategies of Blanding’s turtles and the con-specific species of their turtle community; research on freshwater turtle hatchling orientation and dispersal from nests    English; Spanish

Parham    James F.    Jim    M    Postdoctoral Research Associate    Biodiversity Synthesis Center, The Field Museum    1400 South Lake Shore Drive            Chicago    60605    IL    USA        (312)665-7483        (312)665-7516    [email protected]    [email protected]    //synthesis.eol.org/    China, Middle East, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Greater Antilles, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic    Geoemydidae, Testudinidae    Systematics, Conservation    English

Pauler    Ingo        M    Chairman     DGHT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde e.V.)    Im Sandgarten 4            Wachenheim    D-67157        Germany            49-(0)6322-64962    49-(0)6322-68529    [email protected]        www.dght.de    Germany and EU    South American and Asian Freshwater Turtles, Astrochelys radiata and Malacochersus tornieri    Keeping and Breeding Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises, Conservation and Lobbying, Management of Organisations    English; Spanish; French; German; Italian; Portuguese

Pearse    Devon E.        M    Research Geneticist    National Marine Fisheries Service, Fisheries Ecology Division    110 Shaffer Road            Santa Cruz    95060    CA    USA        831-420-3906    831-466-9659    831-420-3977    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA, Brazil, Venezuela    Podocnemis expansa, Chrysemys picta    Population genetics, Conservation breeding, Behavioral Ecology    English; Spanish

Pedrono    Miguel        M    Researcher in Conservation Biology    CIRAD    UR AGIRs    Campus International de Baillarguet        Montpellier, Cedex 5    34398         France        33 4 67 59 39 03 / 37 22        33 4 67 59 37 99    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.cirad.fr    Madagascar, France    Astrochelys yniphora, Astrochelys radiata, Pyxis planicauda, Pyxis arachnoides, Kinixys belliana, Erymnochelys madagascariensis, Pelusios castanoides, Pelusios subniger, Pelomedusa subrufa    Conservation Strategies, Population Dynamics, Population Viability Analysis, Reintroduction, Ex situ Conservation, Evaluation and Monitoring, Protected Area Management.     French, English, Malagasy

Perälä    Jarmo        M    Researcher / Dr.    Currently free-lance, working with SOPTOM (France); Finnish Museum of Natural History (Finland); etc.    Humalistonkatu 15 A 18            Helsinki    00250        Finland        +358-400-747761    Same as above        [email protected]    [email protected]        Current main focus on France, but also (as previously) all circum-Mediterranean countries; Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Libya, western and central Asia    Eurotestudo hermanni (current; specific); all species in genera Testudo, Eurotestudo and Agrionemys (current and previous; specific)    Systematics; Taxonomy; Conservation; Fieldwork    English; German; Swedish; Finnish

Pezzuti    Juarez C.B.    Juarez    M    Dr.     Pará Federal University    Núcleo de Altos Estudos Amazônicos    Universidade Federal do Pará, Campus do Guamá    Av. Augusto Correa, S/N, Guamá    Belém    66075-110    Pará    Brazil    Brazil    00 55 91 3201 7231    00 55 91 3255 0124    00 55 91 3201 7677    [email protected]    [email protected]        Brazilian Amazonia    Podocnemis expansa, P. unifilis, P. sextuberculata, P. erythrocephala, Peltocephalus dumerilianus, Kinosternon scorpioides, Rhinoclemmys punctularia    Reproduction, ecology and management    English;  Portuguese

Philippen    Hans-Dieter        M           Kuhlerstrasse 154   52525 Heinsberg   Germany       Germany      [email protected]      English, German

Platt    Kalyar        F    Ph.D. Student    Turtle Laboratory, Faculty of Science    Phaya Thai Road, Chulalongkorn University    Bangkok            10330        Thailand    Myanmar    Home: +18458327113     Mobile: +18452384093    18458327113    [email protected]            Myanmar; Thailand; Malaysia    Batagur baska    Conservation biology    Myanmar, English, Japanese, Thai

Platt    Steven G.    Steve    M    Assistant Prof.    Oglala Lakota College    1674 Ormandy Dr. (Permanent address)            Baton Rouge    70808    LA    USA        605-745-7966    225-924-2160        [email protected]    [email protected]        USA, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand; Indonesia    Various    Field biology    English

Plummer    Michael V.    Mike    M    Professor of Biology    Harding University    Box 12251    Department of Biology        Searcy    72149    Arkansas    USA        501-279-4518    501-268-5526    501-279-4706    [email protected]        www.harding.edu/plummer    USA    Apalone mutica, A. spinifera, Terrapene ornata    Population and physiological ecology    English

Polisar    John        M    Coordinator Biodiversity of BOSAWAS Biosphere Reserve, Nicaragua    Saint Louis Zoo    4841 1st Street, S.            Arlington    22204    VA    USA        Nicaragua 505-252-5993    USA 703-920-6897        [email protected]    [email protected]        Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, Venezuela, USA    Chelydra serpentina, Trachemys scripta, Kinosternon leucostomum, Dermatemys mawii    Field ecology and conservation, conservation implementation in rural societies, environmental diplomacy    English; Spanish

Poynter    Bradley    Brad    M    Reptile Keeper    Cleveland Metroparks Zoo    3900 Wildlife Way            Cleveland    44109    OH    USA        216)661-6500 x4432    216)534-3755        [email protected]            Southeast Asia; Malaysia    Batagur baska and other river terrapins    Husbandry and Biology    English

Praschag    Peter        M    Mag. Dr.         Am Katzelbach 98, 8054 Graz (beginning with April 2006)    Franz-Riepl-Gasse 24, 8020 Graz (till April 2006)        Graz    8054 (8020 see above)         Austria        0043/316/282729 (beginning with April)    0043/664/2040830    0043/316/282729    [email protected]            Global, but in last years India and Bangladesh, best known area Northeast India, but also Pakistan, Myanmar; Austria    Trionychidae (Aspideretes, Lissemys, Chitra, Pelochelys, Nilssonia) ; Geoemydidae (Kachuga, Pangshura, Hardella, Morenia, Batagur, Geoemyda, Heosemys, Leucocephalon, Melanochelys) ; Further Sternotherus, Emys, Glyptemys and Graptemys     Topical field works in India and Bangladesh and maybe China in near future. Keeping 90 species, breeding 40, mainly species from South Asia and North America, but from all parts of the world.    English; German

Pritchard    Peter C.H.        M    President    Chelonian Research Institute    402 South Central Avenue            Oviedo    32765    FL    USA    United Kingdom    (407) 366-4020    (407) 365-6347    407 366-4020    [email protected]            Guyana, Galapagos (Ecuador), Vietnam, China, Many others from time to time    All chelonians    Turtles of the world.  Have published monographs on Kemp's ridley, Galapagos tortoises, Alligator snappers, Venezuelan turtles, marine turtles of Micronesia, Etc.    English; Spanish; French

Quinn    Hugh R.        M    General Curator    Cleveland Metroparks Zoo    3900 Wildlife Way            Cleveland    44109    OH    USA        216-635-3313        216-661-3312    [email protected]            Asia, USA    Many    Conservation biology    English

Rafeliarisoa    Tsilavo H.    Tsilavo    M    Doctorate student    University of Antananarivo Animal Biology Department / Henry Doorly Zoo's Madagascar Biodiversity and Biogeography Project    Lot VR79 Ambanidia – Ankadibevava (Madagascar)    Henry Doorly Zoo, 3701 South 10th Street, Omaha, NE 68107 (USA)        Antananarivo    101        Madagascar    Madagascar        261326511017        [email protected]            Madagascar    Astrochelys radiata, Erymnochelys madagascariensis    Conservation genetics, capture-mark-recapture technique    English;  French ; Malagasy

Ramy    Angelo M.        M    Baly Bay Project Responsible    Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust    Lot II Y 49 J Ampasanimalo    BP 8511        Antananarivo     101        Madagascar    Madagascar    +261 33 025 2308 / +261 20 223 5748    +261 33 122 7875    +261 20 222 1254    [email protected]        www.durrell.org    Madagascar, Baly Bay National Parc (Soalala)    Astrochelys yniphora    Population genetics, population density, releasing, modeling    English;  French; Malagasy

Randriamahazo    Herilala J.A.R.        M    Coordinator of Tortoise Conservation Project    Wildlife Conservation Society    BP 8500            Antananarivo    101        Madagascar    Madagascar    261-20-22-597-89; 261-33-11-879-93    261-20-24-220-43; 261-33-11-245-36    261-20-22-529-76    [email protected]    [email protected]        Madagascar    Geochelone radiata, Pyxis arachnoides    Population dynamics, Conservation through community approach, monitoring of illegal trade    English; French; Malagasy; Japanese

Rao    R.J.        M    Associate Professor    Jiwaji University    School of Studies in Zoology    Jiwaji University    Vidhya Vihar    Gwalior    474011    Madhya Pradesh    India        091-751-4016773    091-751-2340463    091-751-2341450    [email protected]            India    A. gangeticus, K. kachuga, K. dhongoka, L. punctata, H.thurgii, G. hamiltonii, P. tentoria, P. tecta, A. hurum, C. indica    Ecology, conservation, reproductive biology,     English; Hindi; Telugu

Raphael    Bonnie L.        F    Senior Veterinarian    Wildlife Conservation Society    2300 Southern Blvd            Bronx    10460    New York    USA        718-220-7100    917-647-9598    718-220-7126    [email protected]            Vietnam, USA, Madagascar        Veterinary medicine    English

Razafindrakoto    A. Léon    Leon    M    Coordinator of the Program SOKAKE    Salamandra Nature    64 rue de Guéramé            Alencon    61000        France    Madagascar    00 (33) 2 33 31 70 92    00 (33) 2 43 29 17 49 & 00 (33) 6 37 93 83 70        [email protected]    [email protected]        France; Madagascar    Geochelone radiata, Pyxis arachnoides; Tortoises and Freshwater turtles    Ecology of conservation, education to the environment    English;  French ; Malagasy

Rhodin    Anders G.J.        M    Director    Chelonian Research Foundation    168 Goodrich St            Lunenburg    01462    MA    USA    Sweden    1-978-582-9668    1-978-807-2902    1-978-582-6279    [email protected]        chelonian.org    Papua New Guinea; Indonesia; USA; South America; Brazil; Puerto Rico; Sweden    Chelodina, Chelidae as main focus; Chrysemys picta, all others as necessary    Taxonomy, conservation, publishing    English; French; Swedish

Riedle            J. Daren            Daren            M            PhD Student            West Texas A&M University            Dept. of Life, Earth, and Environmental Science            Box 60808                        Canyon            79016            TX            United States            United States            (806) 676-6732            (806) 676-6732                        [email protected]                                    United States            Macrochelys temminckii, Chelydra serpentina, Gopherus agassizii, Kinosternon sonoriense, Kinosternon flavescens, Kinosternon subrubrum, Apalone spinifera, Sternotherus odoratus, Sternotherus carinatus, Trachemys scripta, Pseudemys concinna, Graptemys ouachitensis, Graptemys psuedogeographica.            Conservation Biology, Natural History, and Demography.            English

Rioux Paquette    Sébastien        M    Postdoctoral Fellow    Victoria University    Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution    School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington    PO Box 600    Wellington    6140        New Zealand                    [email protected]            Madagascar, Canada    Geochelone radiata, Glyptemys insculpta, Graptemys geographica, Chrysemys picta    Conservation Genetics, Conservation Biology, Molecular Ecology    English ; French

Riyanto    Awal        M    Researcher    Zoology Division of Research Centre for Biology-The Indonesian Institute of Sciences/  “Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense”    Jl. Raya Jakarta Bogor Km. 46            Cibinong    16911    West Java    Indonesia        +62-021-8765056    081524529464 OR 081399736980    +62-021-8765068    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.lipi.go.id    Indonesia    Indotestudo forstenii, Leucocephalon yuwonoi, Cuora amboinensis, Amyda cartilaginea    Herpetology    English; Bahasa Indonesian

Rodrigues    Maurice        M    Co-Director    Behler Chelonian Center    49 Bleeker Street            New York    10012    New York    USA        646-277-3314    908-347-4650    646-277-3322    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.chelonianconservation.com    Madagascar, Myanmar & South Africa    Geochelone radiata, Geochelone platynota, Pyxis planicauda, Pyxis arachnoides, Homopus signatus, Chersina angulata, Geoclemys hamiltoni, Heosemys depressa, Indotestudo forsteni, Manouria impressa, Manouria emys, Geochelone nigra, Homopus areolatus, Kinyxis erosa, Geochelone elegans, Geochelone sulcata    Captive management    English; Spanish; Portuguese

Roosenburg    Willem M.        M    Associate Professor    Ohio University    Department of Biological Sciences            Athens    45701    OH    USA        Work: 740.593.9669; Work Mobile: 740.503.4983    Home Sept – April: 740.448.3406; Home May- Aug: 301.884.7467    740.593.9669    [email protected]        //www.biosci.ohiou.edu/faculty/roosenburg/    USA – Eastern United States; Maryland – Chesapeake Bay Region; Ohio – Scioto River Drainage    Malaclemys terrapin, Graptemys ouchatensis    Population biology and Evolutionary ecology, Diamondback Terrapin Conservation and management    English; Dutch

Rueda-Almonacid    José Vicente    José Vicente    M    Coordinador Programas Biodiversidad y Especies Amenazadas    Conservación Internacional-Colombia    Carrera 13 # 71-41    Calle 57 # 25-07 Dirección Antigua        Bogotá        Cundinamarca    Colombia    Colombia    (571)3452852    3105766647    3452852 Ext 109    [email protected]        www.conservation.org.co/    Colombia    Dermochelys coriacea, Mesoclemmys dahli, Podocnemis lewyana, Chelonoidis carbonaria, Trachemys callirostris    Taxonomia e Historia Natural    Spanish

Salzberg    Allen S.    Allen    M    Publisher/Editor    HerpDigest    c/o Allen Salzberg    67-87 Booth Street -5B        Forest Hills    11375    New York    USA    USA    1-718-275-2190    1-718-275-2190 cell 917-204-9262    1-718-275-3307    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.herpdigest.org  www.herparts.com     Global    All    Journalist    English

Saumure    Raymond A.    Ray    M    Preserve Biologist    The Las Vegas Springs Preserve    1001 South Valley View Boulevard            Las Vegas    89107    NV    USA    Canada    702-822-7729    702-407-8303    702-822-8771    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.woodturtle.com; //www.springspreserve.org    Canada, USA    Apalone spinifera, Chelydra serpentina, Chrysemys picta, Clemmys guttata, Emydoidea blandingii, Glyptemys insculpta, Gopherus agassizii, Graptemys geographica, Sternotherus odoratus    Population ecology, conservation biology, natural history, spatial ecology, parasitology (leeches)    English; French

Schaffer    Chuck        M    Editor, Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter        13811 Tortuga Point Drive            Jacksonville    32225    FL     USA        904 220 0678    904 220 0678        [email protected]            North America, Southeast Asia; USA    Manouria emys, Gopherus polyphemus, Terrapene Carolina, occasional work with other North American and Southeast Asian chelonians    Chelonian behavioral ecology, Chelonian Zooarchaeology, History of Chelonian images    English

Schaffer            Jason R.            Jason            M            Research worker            Australian Center for Tropical Freshwater Research            James Cook University, Townsville Qld Australia 4814                                    Townsville            4814            Queensland            Australia            Canada            +61 (07) 4781-5496            H: (07) 4723-9705 M: 0437142227            +61 (07) 4781-5589            [email protected]            [email protected]            //www.actfr.jcu.edu.au/            Australia            Elseya stirlingi, Elseya irwini, Elseya albagula, Rheodytes leukops, Emydura krefftii, Emydura subglobosa subglobosa, Wollumbinia latisternum            Aquatic Ecology, Freshwater Turtle Diving Physiology            English

Schoppe    Sabine        F    Co-Manager PCCP    Katala Foundation    PO Box 390             Puerto Princesa City     PH-5300    Palawan    Philippines    Germany            6-03 78820171    [email protected]        www.philippinecockatoo.org    Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, SE Asia    Cuora amboinensis, Siebenrockiella leytensis (former Heosemys leytensis), Non-marine chelonians    Trade, conservation    English; Spanish; German; Tagalog; Cebuano

Scott    Norman J., Jr.    Norm    M    Retired        P.O. Box 307    3655 Lindquist Lane        Creston    93432    CA    USA            805-227-4246        [email protected]            Paraguay; California, USA    Actinemys marmorata    Herpetology    English; Spanish

Seidel       Michael E.    Mike    M    Professor (emeritus) of Biological Science           4430 Richmond Park Dr. E               Jacksonville        32224    FL       USA                    [email protected]            USA, West Indies; Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico    Emydidae (esp. Trachemys, Pseudemys) and Kinosternidae    Taxonomy/ Systematics and Ecology       English

Seigel    Richard A.    Rich    M    Professor and Chair    Towson University    Department of Biological Sciences    8000 York Rd        Towson    21252    MD    USA        410-704-3123    410-420-2336    410-704-2405    [email protected]    [email protected]    //wwwnew.towson.edu/biology/TU%20Biology%20-%20RSeigel.htm    USA    Gopherus polyphemus, Malaclemys terrapin, Graptemys flavimaculata, Chrysemys picta, Chelydra serpentina    Population ecology, reproductive ecology. metapopulations, Impacts of disease, conservation    English

Selman    Will        M    Graduate Research Assistant    University of Southern Mississippi        118 College Drive # 5018        Hattiesburg     39406    MS    USA        (601)266-5907    (601)466-6114        [email protected]    [email protected]        USA, Southeast Mississippi    Primary Species: Yellow – blotched sawback (Graptemys flavimaculata), Ringed sawback (Graptemys oculifera), Secondary Species:  Pascagoula Map Turtle (Graptemys gibbonsi), River Cooter (Pseudemys sp.), Razorback musk turtle (Sternotherus carinatus)    Conservation Biology, Endocrinology, Population Genetics    English

Senneke    Darrell        M    Director    World Chelonian Trust    4N710 Sawmill Trail            Wayne     60184    IL    USA        630-688-6098    630-513-0512     630-513-0360    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.chelonia.org , //www.turtlesurvival.org     USA    Testudo species,  Indotestudo species, Glyptemys insculpta    Husbandry,  Breeding     English

Shaffer    H. Bradley    Brad    M    Professor    University of California    Section of Evolution and Ecology            Davis    95616    CA    USA        530-752-2939    530-756-7266    530-752-1449    [email protected]        //www2.eve.ucdavis.edu/shafferlab    USA, Australia, Mexico, new world tropics, China    Right now, I'm putting together a study on all species of turtles in the world. I've worked extensively on Australian chelids (Emydura, Elseya), most North American turtles, trionychids worldwide    Systematics, molecular phylogenetics    English ; Spanish

Sharma    Dionysius S.K.    Dino    M                 Director    WWF-Malaysia                   Malaysia                    [email protected]            Malaysia            English, Malay

Shepherd    Chris R.        M    Regional Programme Officer    TRAFFIC Southeast Asia    Unit 9-3A, 3rd Floor, JalanSS23/11, Taman SEA            Petaling Jaya    47400    Selangor    Malaysia    Canada    6-03 7880 3940    6012 234 0790    6-03 7882 0171    [email protected]            Southeast Asia; Malaysia; Indonesia    Turtles, reptiles, mammals, birds    Conservation, wildlife trade    English; Indonesian

Shi    Haitao    Shi    M    Dean, College of Life Science    Hainan Normal University    South Longkun road, No. 99, Haikou city, Hainan province            Haikou    571158    Hainan    China        0086-898-65883521    0086-898-66752479    0086-898-65890520    [email protected]            China    Sacalia quadriocellata, Cuora galbinifrons, Cuora mouhoti    Life history, ecology, conservation    English; Chinese

Singh    Shailendra    Shai    M    Project Scientist    Center For Herpetology/ Madras Crocodile Bank Trust    c/o Mr. Ashutosh Tripathi    HN: 46    Katrabalsingh    Etawah    206001    Uttar Pradesh    India        91-44-27472447/27472953    91-9453310292    91-44-27472958    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.madrascrocodilebank.org    India     Batagur kachuga, Batagur dhongoka, Chitra indica, Hardella thurjii, Pangshura spp., Nilssonia hurum.    Head-starting and recovery programmes, Field Research and Conservation Education    English ; Hindi

Slimani    Tahar        M    Enquiring teacher (Professor); President of the Moroccan association of Herpetology “SMH”    Department of Biology, Faculty of sciences Semlalia    PO. Box 2390            Marrakech    40 000        Morrocco        00 212 24 43 46 49 P. 184    00 212 061 17 67 49    00 212 24 43 74 12    [email protected]        //www.ucam.ac.ma    Southernmost and Saharan areas of Morocco    Testudo graeca; Mauremys leprosa; Emys orbicularis    Dynamics of the populations and biology of the conservation    French, English, Arabic

Smith    Lora L.        F    Assistant Scientist    Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center    Route 2, Box 2324            Newton    39870-9651    GA    USA        229-734-4706 x280    229-246-7374    229-734-6650    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA, formerly Madagascar    Gopherus polyphemus, Graptemys barbouri, Macrochelys temminckii, Kinosternon subrubrum, Geochelone yniphora (formerly)    Spatial ecology, reproductive ecology, predation in tortoises    English; Malagasy

Som    Sitha    Sitha    M    Team Leader    Conservation International, Cambodian Turtle Conservation Team    No 10, St. 420, Sangkat Boeng Trabek, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh    No. 216H, St. 63, Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang I, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh        Phnom Penh    855        Cambodia        (855) 23- 214 627    (855) 12- 683 778    (855) 23- 214 627    [email protected]            Most of Cambodia and central Laos (Nakai Plateau)     I work on all species in Cambodia    Research, species identification, habitat assessment, dietary, threats, etc. and education    English; Cambodian

Souza    Franco L.    Franco    M    Professor    Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul    Centro de Ciências Biológicas, Depto. Biologia            Campo Grande    79070-900    Mato Grosso do Sul    Brazil        67-3345-7341    67-3351-0357    67-3345-7338    [email protected]            Brazil    Hydromedusa maximiliani, Phrynops geoffroanus, Mesoclemmys vanderhaegei, Acanthochelys macrocephala    Natural history    English; Spanish; Portuguese

Spinks    Phillip Q.    Phil    M    Postdoc    University of California, Davis    3310 Storer Hall    Section of Evolution and Ecology    University of California    Davis    95616    CA    USA        530-754-7694    530-297-7606    530-752-1449    [email protected]        //www2.eve.ucdavis.edu/shafferlab/spinks.htm     USA    Emys marmorata, Cuora, Geoemydidae, Emydidae    Phylogenetics, systematics, conservation genetics    English

Spotila    James R.    Jim    M    Betz Chair Professor of Environmental Science    Drexel University    Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology    3141 Chestnut St.        Philadelphia    19104    PA    USA        1- 215-895-2627    1-609-440-5158    1-215-895-1273    [email protected]            USA, South Africa, Costa Rica    Pseudemys scripta, Pseudemys rubriventris, Terrapene carolina, Chelydra serpentina, Chrysemys picta, Kinosternon    Ecology, physiology, biophysical ecology, biodiversity and conservation, population biology    English

Starkey    David E.        M    Postdoctoral Research Associate    USDA/ARS/NCAUR    1815 N. University St.            Peoria    61604    IL    USA        309-681-6038        309-681-6672    [email protected]            USA, Australia, and the Caribbean; Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico    Trachemys, Sternotherus, Kinosternon, Emydura, Elseya, Erymnochelys, Chelydra, Podocnemis    Genetics, Phylogeography, and Molecular Evolution    English

Stuart    Bryan L.    Bryan    M    Curator of Herpetology    North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences    11 West Jones Street            Raleigh    27601    NC    USA    USA    919-733-7450 ext. 751    919-600-2422        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.naturalsciences.org    Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China    All Indochinese species. Special fondness for Cuora and Cyclemys.     Molecular systematics, hybridization, historic (ancient) DNA, Southeast Asian harvest and trade    English, Lao

Swingland    Ian R.        M    Professor and Founder Director    The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, Kent, UK and Sustainable Forestry Management, London, UK    Herons Hall    Nash        Canterbury    CT3 2JX    Kent    United Kingdom        4.47972E+11    4.47972E+11    4.41305E+11    [email protected]        www.herons-hall.co.uk;www.sfm.bm    Australia, Bangladesh, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Europe, India, Indonesia, PR China, Peru, Sarawak, Seychelles, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, United Kingdom, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe    All species of animals and plants especially chelonian.    Integrated ecosystem management, commercialization, international development, project designer for ADB, WB and GEF.    English

Syed    Gracia P.        F    Dermatemys program coordinator    Grupo Dermatemys     331 Lincoln Ave.             Takoma Park     20912    MD    USA    Mexico    301 891 3383    202 361 5177        [email protected]            Mexico, Mesoamerica    Dermatemys mawii    Conservation biology, genetics, captive management, environmental education programs    English; Spanish

Tabaka    Chris        M    Veterinarian        27120 Bunert Road            Warren    48089    Michigan    USA        313-806-2136    313-806-2136        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.chelonia.org (WCT)    United States- Michigan fauna, Southeast Asia    Ex situ- Most Southeast Asian taxa with particular focus on Cuora picturata, Cuora galbinifrons, Cuora bourreti. In situ- Glyptemys insculpta, Clemmys guttata, Terrapene c.carolina    Clinical medicine    English

Taskavak    Ertan        M    Professor, Phd    Ege University    Faculty of Fisheries    Dept. of Basic Sciences    Bornova     Izmir     35100        Turkey        90 232 3884000 ext 1943    90 232 3684802    90 232 388 36 85    [email protected];     [email protected];     //www.taskavak.com     Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia    Rafetus euphraticus, Trionyx triunguis, Emys orbicularis, Mauremys caspica, Mauremys rivulata, Testudo hermanni, Testudo graeca    Systematic, Conservation, Biology    English; Turkish

Thomas    R. Brent    Brent    M    Associate Professor of Biology    Emporia State University    Department of Biological Sciences    Campus Box – 4050        Emporia    66801    Kansas    USA        620-341-5608    620-794-6271    620-341-5607    [email protected]            USA    Mostly freshwater turtles in the family Emydidae (e.g., Trachemys scripta; Pseudemys concinna, Pseudemys floridana, Chrysemys picta)    Behavioral Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Natural History    English

Thomson    Robert C.    Bob    M    Graduate Student    Section of Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis    One Shields Ave.    University of California        Davis    95616    CA    USA        1-754-7694    1-530-848-9639        [email protected]        //www2.eve.ucdavis.edu/shafferlab/thomson.htm    USA    Graptemys sp., Emys marmorata, Trachemys scripta, Phylogenetics of all turtle species    Systematics    English

Thomson    Scott        M    Adjunct Professional Associate    Institute of Applied Ecology    University of Canberra            Canberra    2601    ACT    Australia        61 2 6201 5786    0413 845 633    61 2 6201 5305    [email protected]        //www.carettochelys.com    Australasia; Australia; Papua New Guinea    Chelodina sp. Elseya sp. Emydura sp. Macrochelodina sp. Rheodytes sp. Elusor macrurus, Pseudemydura umbrina, Carettochelys inscultpa.    Taxonomy and Systematics, Nomenclature, Bio Statistics, Palaeontology, Databases    English

Thorbjarnarson    John B.        M    Senior Conservation Zoologist    Wildlife Conservation Society    PO Box 357625            Gainesville    32605    FL    USA        352-264-7775            [email protected]            Global; China; Venezuela; Belize; Myanmar; Brazil    Podocnemis unifilis, P. sextuberculata    Conservation, management    English; Spanish

Trauth    Stanley E.    Stan    M    Professor    Arkansas State University    Department of Biological Sciences    P.O. Box 599        State University    72467-0599    AR    USA        870.972.3111    870.935.5893    870.972.2636    [email protected]        //biology.astate.edu/faculty/strauth/Dr_%Stanley%20Trauth.htm    USA    Macrochelys temminckii, Apalone spinifera, Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis; snapping turtles and map turtles    Electron microscopy; natural history, Spermatozoan ultrastructure    English

Tryon    Bern W.        M    Director of Animal Collections/Herpetology    Knoxville Zoological Gardens    P. O. Box 6040    3500 Knoxville Zoo Drive        Knoxville    37914    TN    USA        (865) 637-5331, ext. 340        (865) 637-1943    [email protected]            USA    Glyptemys muhlenbergii    Captive management, field studies    English

Tuberville    Tracey D.        F    Research Professional    University of Georgia    Savannah River Ecology Laboratory    Drawer E, Building 737-A        Aiken    29802    South Carolina    USA        803-725-5757        803-725-3309    [email protected]            United States (eastern), Jamaica    gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus), aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles    Conservation, translocation, population ecology, natural history    English

Tucker    John K.        M    Research Scientist    Illinois Natural History Survey    8450 Montclaire Avenue            Brighton    62012    IL    USA        618-466-9690    618-786-2578    618-466-9688    [email protected]    [email protected]        USA (Central)    Trachemys scripta, Chelydra serpentina, Terrapene carolina, Sternotherus odoratus, Chrysemys picta, Emydoidea blandingii    Turtle reproductive ecology and general ecological studies of aquatic turtles    English

Türkozan    Oguz        M    Associate Professor    Adnan Menderes University     Faculty of Arts and Science, Department of Biology            Aydin     9010        Turkey        90-256- 212 84 98 /2218    90- 256- 2260349    90-256- 2135379    [email protected]     [email protected]     //biyoloji.adu.edu.tr/akademik/PersonFiles/oturkozan/    Turkey    All chelonians of Turkey is my interest but I have been working on genus Testudo and Trionyx    Reproductive ecology, systematic and conservation of chelonians.    English; Turkish

Valenzuela    Nicole        F    Assistant Professor    Iowa State University    253 Bessey Hall    Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology        Ames    50011    IA    USA    Colombia/USA    (515) 294-1285        (515) 294-1337    [email protected]        //www.public.iastate.edu/~nvalenzu/     USA, South America, Colombia, Venezuela    Podocnemis expansa, Podocnemis unifilis, Podocnemis lewyana, Chrysemys picta, Trachemys scripta, Malaclemys terrapin, Apalone mutica, Apalone spinifera, Chelydra serpentina    Evolutionary ecology, sex determination, population genetics, ecological genetics, developmental biology, thermal ecology, conservation, ecological and evolutionary genomics    English; Spanish; French; Italian

van Dijk    Peter Paul        M    Director, CI-CABS Tortoise & Freshwater Turtle Conservation Program    Conservation International    2011 Crystal Drive, Suite  500            Arlington    22202    VA    USA    Netherlands    1 703 341 2679    1 571 426 1744        [email protected]    [email protected]        Global, emphasis on Asia    Any tortoise & freshwater turtle    Status assessment, trade management, ecology, taxonomy    English; Dutch; German; French

Vargas-Ramirez    Mario A.    Mario    M    1. PhD Guest Researcher 2. Associate member    1. Museum of Zoology (Museum für Tierkunde) Natural History State Collections Dresden. 2. Fundacion Biodiversa Colombia.                1. Dresden, Germany. 2. Bogota, Colombia.    01099        Germany    Colombia        0049 (0) 15777835354/         [email protected]        www.fundacionbiodiversacolombia.org    Colombia    Podocnemis lewyana    Population genetics, evolution, ecology, environmental education.     English;  Spanish;  German

Velosoa    Juliette    Juliette    F    Conservationist    Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Madagascar Program     Lot II Y J Ampasanimalo    BP 8511        Antananarivo    101         Madagascar    Madagascar    +261 20 22 357 48    +261 (0)32 40 564 27 or +261 (0)34 04 662 20    +261 (20) 22 212 54    [email protected]     [email protected]    www.durrell.org    Madagascar    Erymnochelys madagascariensis    Ethnobiology;     English, French

Vetter    Holger        M        German Chelonia Group    Kiefernweg 8            Bad Kreuznach    55543    Rheinland-Pfalz    Germany        49-(0)172-1079375    49-(0)671-76686        [email protected]    [email protected]        Europe; Germany    I try to keep my interest as broad as possible, but I have experience with Testudo boettgeri, Agrionemys horsfieldii, Kinixys homeana, Chelydra serpentina, Sternotherus minor, Sternotherus odoratus and Geoemyda spengleri    Writing, editing, educating    English; German

Vinke    Thomas        M            Filadelfia 853    9300 Fernheim                    Paraguay    Germany    595-491-433109    595-981-102143        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.dauvi.de www.chaco-wildlife.org     Paraguay mainly, additional Latin America, previously Southern Europe    Chelonoidis carbonbaria, Chelonoidis chilensis, Acanthochelys macrocephala, Acanthochelys pallidipectoris, Kinosternon scorpioides    Field work and breeding     English;  Spanish;  French;  German

Vogt    Richard C.     Dick    M    Pesquisador    INPA    Caixa Postal 478            Manaus    69083-000    Amazonas    Brazil    USA    55 92 3643 3394    Home 55 92 3644 2682,  cell 55 92 9197 0017    55 92 3643 3394    [email protected]    [email protected]        Amazon Basin, Brazil; Mexico    Podocnemis expansa, Podocnemis erythrocephala,  Podocnemis sextuberculata,  Podocnemis unifilis, Peltocephalus dumerilianus, Phrynops gibbus, Phrynops geoffroanus, Phrynops tuberculatus, Phrynops raniceps, Phrynops rufipes, Platemys platycephala, Kinosternon scorpioides, Kinosternon leucostomum, Trachemys adiutrix, Staurotypus triporcatus, Claudius angustatus, Rhinoclemmys pucntularia, Chelus fimbriatus, Dermatemys mawii, Kinosternon acutum    Graptemys taxonomy and conservation, Mexican Freshwater turtles, Amazonian turtles, Temperature controlled sex determination, sampling methods, radio telemetry, field methods    English; Spanish; Portuguese

Walde    Andrew D.        M        Walde Research & Environmental Consulting    7686 SVL Box    13233 Sea Gull Dr.        Victorville    92395    California    USA        1-760-887-7012    1-760-245-9823        [email protected]            USA & Canada    Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii); Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus); Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta)    General Ecology, nesting and reproduction, habitat use, movement and activity patterns, and thermoregulatory behaviors.    English

Walker    Ryan C.J.        M    Founder and Ecologist     Nautilus Ecology     1 Pond Lane     Greetham     Rutland         LE15 7NW        United Kingdom         +44(0)7739 740701    +44(0)7739 740701        [email protected]    [email protected]    www.nautilusecology .org     Madagascar     Pyxis arachnoides     Ecology, conservation status, threats     English

Walsh    Timothy J.    Tim    M    President    Florida Turtle Conservation Trust    2422 Orange Ave            Sanford    32771    Florida    USA    USA    14075142094    14072676827    14075142274    [email protected]    [email protected]    www.ftct.org    USA, Florida    Sternotherus odoratus, Kinosternon baurii, Terrapene carolina bauri, Pseudemys concinna suwanniensis,     Specific: Captive Husbandry; General: Ecology of Florida turtles    English

Walton    Elizabeth M.    Beth    F    Assistant Professor    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville    Department of Geography and Environmental Science    Alumni Hall 1401        Edwardsville    62026    Illinois    USA    USA        336.317.5653        [email protected]            USA    Glyptemys muhlenbergii, Terrapene carolina carolina, Terrapene carolina triunguis    Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Ecological Niche Modeling    English

Webb    Robert G.    Bob    M    Emeritus Professsor Biological Sciences    The University of Texas at El Paso    Department of Biological Sciences            El Paso    79968-0519    TX    USA        (915)747-6987    (915) 534-7620    (915) 747-5808    [email protected]            SW USA, northern Mexico, Papua New Guinea; Indonesia    Family Trionychidae    Taxonomy/systematics, history, description, nomenclature (not life history information    English

Weissgold    Bruce J.        M    Senior CITES Policy Specialist    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service    Division of Management  Authority    4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Rm 700        Arlington    22203    VA    USA        703/358-1987 or 800/358-2104 EXT. 1987    H: 703/560-1722, C: 703/346-8886    703/358-2298    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.fws.gov/international/    USA; Global    All    CITES, wildlife trade, sustainable utilization, legislation, outreach    English

Wen    Cheng        M    Ph.D. candidate    Biology teacher in Honghe University    Room 316, 32# Building     Peking University    No. 5, Yiheyuan Road    Beijing    100871        China          (+86)010-62762591      (+86)1314-127-3718        [email protected]    [email protected]        People's Republic of China    Rafetus swinhoei    Birds and fish in Yunnan, Rafetus swinhoei    English; French; Chinese ; Japanese

Whitaker    Nikhil        M    Curator    Madras Crocodile Bank Trust     P.O. Box 4    Mamallapuram    Chennai        6030104    Tamil Nadu    India        ++91 44 27472685    ++91 98403 79164 (MOB)        [email protected]        www.madrascrocodilebank.org    India    Kachuga kachuga, Aspideretes gangeticus, Melanochelys trijuga, Lissemys punctata, Kachuga dhongoka, Indotestudo travancorica    Husbandry, Reproductive Biology, Growth    English ; Tamil

Wilson    Dawn S.        F    Director    Southwestern Research Station    P.O. Box 16553            Portal    85632    AZ    USA        520-558-2396    520-558-1194    520-558-2018    [email protected]        //research.amnh.org/swrs/     USA; Southwest US    Terrapene ornata luteola; Gopherus agassizii; Clemmys marmorata; Kinosternon bauri    Reproductive ecology; Population biology    English

Yasukawa    Yuichirou        M    Research Staff    District Office Okinawa, Takada Reptiles & Wildlife Research Institute    1-15-3 Teruya            Okinawa    904-0011    Okinawa    Japan    Japan    81-98-929-1595    81-98-895-8937    81-98-895-8937    [email protected]    [email protected]    none    Japan and East Asia    Geoemyda japonica, G. spengleri, Cuora flavomarginata, Mauremys japonica, M. mutica, M. reevesii     Systematics, ecology, captive breeding, and conservation    English ; Japanese

Zaher    Hussam        M    Associate Professor and Curator of Herpetology    Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo    Avenida Nazaré, 481    Ipiranga        São Paulo     04263-000    SP    Brazil        (55 11) 61 65 80 90    (55 11) 37 26 23 42    (55 11) 61 65 81 13    [email protected]    [email protected]        Central and South America; Brazil    Chelid species    Systematics, phylogeny, biogeography    English; French; Portuguese

Zappalorti    Robert T.    Bob    M    Executive Director/President    Herpetological Associates, Inc. – Plant and Wildlife Consultants    17961 Southwest 39 Street            Dunnellon     34432    FL    USA        732-833-8600 (New Jersey), 352-489-7402 (Florida)  New Jersey address:  575 Toms River Road, Jackson, New Jersey 08527 – USA  732-833-8601 (New Jersey) 609-618-0314 (Cell)    732-928-9257    [email protected]    [email protected]    //www.herpetologicalassociates.com    USA, especially the eastern half, and Taiwan    Chelydra serpentina, Macroclemys temminckii, Sternothurus odoratus, S. minor, Clemmys guttata, Clemmys muhlenbergii, Clemmy insculpta, Terrapene carolina, T. c. major, Goperus polyphemus, Pseudemys rubriventris, P. nelsoni, Graptemys barbouri, and other eastern US species, Cuora flavomarginata in Taiwán.    Conservation and Management Plans, Mitigation Plans, Presence or Absence Studies, Ecological Field Studies, Radio-tracking Studies, and Long-term Monitoring Studies.    English

Zeigler    F. William    Bill    M    President    Zeigler & Zeigler, Inc. (Tortoise and Turtle Conservation Center)    8440 SE 21st Avenue            Ocala    34480    FL    USA        352 402 0016    352 8041003    352 402 9331    [email protected]            Malaysia, Indonesia    Chinemys reevesii, Cistoclemmys picturata, C. bourreti, C. flavomarginata, Cyclemys dentata, Geochelone carbonaria, G. denticulate, G. elegans, G. p. pardalis, G. p. babcocki, G. sulcata, G. radiata, Geomyda spengleri, Goherus polyphemus, G. agassizii, Graptemys barbouri, G. nigrinoda delticola, G. n. nigrinoda, G. versa, Heosemys spinosa, Indotestudo elongata, I. forstenii, Kinixys homeana, K. spekii, Kinosternon ssp. Leucocephalon yuwonoi, Manouria e. emys. M. e. phayrei, Notochelys platynota, Podocnemis expansa, P. unifilis, Pseudemys ssp.,  Rhinoclemmys ssp.,  Testudo ssp.,Trachemys ssp.       Captive Husbandry & Breeding, Exhibit Design, Fundraising, Marketing,     English

Zhou    Ting        F    Elementary engineer    The Nanjing Association for Studying Turtles    201 Room, 20 House, 5th Road, Gu-Lou Area            Nanjing    210009    Jiangsu    China        086-025-83739782    086-025-86636189        [email protected]    [email protected]        China    Research captive turtles of China, Cuora spp., Chinese species        English; Chinese

Zovickian    William H.    Bill    M    Dentist        1010 Oak Valley Rd.            Dacula    30019    GA     USA            678.377.6102        [email protected]            USA; Madagascar    G. radiata, G. yniphora, G. platynota    Tortoise husbandry, Bog Turtle Field studies and habitat requirements    English

Zuffi    Marco A.L.    Marco    M    PhD    University of Pisa, Museum of Natural History     via Roma 79            Calci (Pisa)    56011    Pisa    Italy    Italy    39-050-2212967    39-055-375149; 39-347-2821568    39-050-2212975    [email protected]        //www.msn.unipi.it/    Italy, France and Corsica, Spain, Morocco, Ecuador    Testudo hermanni,  Testudo graeca, Testudo hermanni, Emys orbicularis    Reproductive biology, thermal ecology, functional morphology, biometry    English;  Spanish; Italian

Zug    George R.        M    Senior curator & Research scientist    National Museum of Natural History    Divis. Amphibians & Reptiles/mrc162    Smithsonian Institution    PO Box 37012    Washington      20013-7012    DC    USA        1 202 633 0738        1 202 357 3043    [email protected]            Oceania; Myanmar    Cryptodires    systematics, anatomy and ecology    English

Zwartepoorte    Hendrik A.    Henk    M    Headkeeper Reptiles/ Turtle Conservation Officer    Rotterdam Zoo    Blijdorplaan 8            Rotterdam    3041 JG        Netherlands        31 10 4431423    31 10 4659527    31 10 4431466    [email protected]            Netherlands    Rotterdam Zoo houses about 70 species of reptiles and 15 species of amphibians. Privately I keep 45 species of reptiles, mainly freshwater turtles and tortoises and arid lizards.    European and African tortoises, South east Asian freshwater turtles; EEP coordinator for Testudo kleinmanni and T. werneri    English; Dutch; German