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extinct turtle

Now, we talked a bit further about the things that they do and that the operations that they have set up – over and above just having the community software.  Things like customer support, security, etc.  These are things that are worth while taking advantage of having them do.  They are the experts and they have already created the structure and network to handle this — so it makes both logical sense and economical sense to have them handle these areas. 

Given this, I thought quite a bit yesterday as to what my role might be and how best I could be of help to you. 

Basically I concluded that I would probably best be used as a  web project director (let's not get hung up on titles or specific names -they can be what ever you want them to be) – and act as the liaison/coordinator between you and the rest of the group(s).  Because I have the technical background, I can tell where the development (really) is and if the course of action being taken is correct.  Also, I can push people to get things done.  I can coordinate the technical aspects of one team or several so that they produce the creative look, feel and function that you want.

So, now, to put a price on this kind of activity is somewhat tough as the poking, prodding, checking up and communicating, etc. can sometimes be more than full time one day and very limited the next.