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Conservation Biology of Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises:
A Compilation Project of the IUCN/SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group

Currently Edited by:
Anders G.J. Rhodin, John B. Iverson, Peter Paul van Dijk,
Craig B. Stanford, Eric V. Goode, Kurt A. Buhlmann, and Russell A. Mittermeier

Chelonian Research Monographs – Number 5 (Installments 1–9)
Published by Chelonian Research Foundation 2008–2016

Chelonian Research Monographs – Number 5 (Installments 10– ) and Numbers 7 and 8
Published by Chelonian Research Foundation and Turtle Conservancy 2017–

Total Published to Date (2008–2024):
124 accounts covering 168 turtle and tortoise taxa from 128 nations,
plus 9 updated annotated checklists of all Turtles of the World
(8 for modern taxa, 1 for recently extinct taxa),
2,609 total pages, 253 total contributing authors, 280 account photographers
Most recent accounts and checklist published on: 27 April 2024

2008, CRM 5 (Installment 1):
21 accounts plus checklist, 181 pages

2009, CRM 5 (Installment 2):
19 accounts plus checklist, 185 pages

2010, CRM 5 (Installment 3):
8 accounts plus checklist, 131 pages

2011, CRM 5 (Installment 4):
17 accounts plus checklist, 237 pages

2012, CRM 5 (Installment 5):
3 accounts plus checklist, 109 pages

2013, CRM 5 (Installment 6):
2 accounts, 18 pages

2014, CRM 5 (Installment 7):
14 accounts plus checklist, 278 pages

2015, CRM 5 (Installment 8):
7 accounts plus checklist, 150 pages

2016, CRM 5 (Installment 9):
9 accounts, 103 pages

2017, CRM 7 (CRM 5, Supplement 1)
1 checklist, 292 pages

2017, CRM 5 (Installment 10):
2 accounts, 35 pages

2018, CRM 5 (Installments 11–12):
6 accounts, 83 pages

2019, CRM 5 (Installment 13):
account, 45 pages

2020, CRM 5 (Installment 14):
accounts, 40 pages

2021, CRM 5 (Installment 15):
accounts, 72 pages

2021, CRM 8 (CRM 5, Supplement 2)
1 checklist, 482 pages

2022, CRM 5 (Installment 16):
accounts, 50 pages

2023, CRM 5 (Installment 17):
accounts, 100 pages

2024, CRM 5 (Installment 18):
1 account, 19 pages to date

Accounts already Published (and some accounts In prep.) are listed here
(many accounts in prep. are not yet listed).

All species annotated as Authors needed or In prep., or not listed at all,
are available for new authors with relevant data for those species
to be considered for authorship or co-authorship on the account.
Since many “In prep.” accounts have languished for many years,
we encourage new authors to join the team as senior authors to finish them up.

Please contact Anders Rhodin ([email protected])
if you would like to be considered for an authorship role.


Checklists of Turtles of the World

Modern Taxa

Current Version (CRM Number 8):

Turtles of the World: Annotated Checklist and Atlas of Taxonomy, Synonymy, Distribution, and Conservation Status (9th Ed.). 000.v9
Turtle Taxonomy Working Group.
[Anders G.J. Rhodin, John B. Iverson, Roger Bour, Uwe Fritz, Arthur Georges, H. Bradley Shaffer, and Peter Paul van Dijk].
15 Nov 2021. 482 pp.
(x+472 pp.) doi:10.3854/crm.8.checklist.atlas.v9.2021 (Download pdf)

Previous Versions

(CRM Number 7):

Turtles of the World: Annotated Checklist and Atlas of Taxonomy, Synonymy, Distribution, and Conservation Status (8th Ed.). 000.v8
Turtle Taxonomy Working Group.
[Anders G.J. Rhodin, John B. Iverson, Roger Bour, Uwe Fritz, Arthur Georges, H. Bradley Shaffer, and Peter Paul van Dijk].
3 Aug 2017. 292 pp.
doi:10.3854/crm.7.checklist.atlas.v8.2017 (Download pdf)

(CRM Number 5, Installments 1-7):

Turtles of the World, 7th Edition: Annotated Checklist of Taxonomy, Synonymy, Distribution with Maps, and Conservation Status. 000.v7
Turtle Taxonomy Working Group.
[Peter Paul van Dijk, John B. Iverson, Anders G.J. Rhodin, H. Bradley Shaffer, and Roger Bour]. 16 June 2014. 151 pp. (Download pdf)

Turtles of the World, 2012 Update: Annotated Checklist of Taxonomy, Synonymy, Distribution, and Conservation Status. 000.v5
Turtle Taxonomy Working Group.
[Peter Paul van Dijk, John B. Iverson, H. Bradley Shaffer, Roger Bour, and Anders G.J. Rhodin]. 31 Dec 2012. 86 pp. (Download pdf)

Turtles of the World, 2011 Update: Annotated Checklist of Taxonomy, Synonymy, Distribution, and Conservation Status. 000.v4
Turtle Taxonomy Working Group.
[Peter Paul van Dijk, John B. Iverson, H. Bradley Shaffer, Roger Bour, and Anders G.J. Rhodin]. 31 Dec 2011. 78 pp. (Download pdf)

Turtles of the World, 2010 Update: Annotated Checklist of Taxonomy, Synonymy, Distribution, and Conservation Status. 000.v3
Turtle Taxonomy Working Group.
[Anders G.J. Rhodin, Peter Paul van Dijk, John B. Iverson, and H. Bradley Shaffer]. 14 Dec 2010. 80 pp. (Download pdf)

Turtles of the World: Annotated Checklist of Taxonomy and Synonymy, 2009 Update, with Conservation Status Summary. 000.v2
Turtle Taxonomy Working Group.
[Anders G.J. Rhodin, James F. Parham, Peter Paul van Dijk, and John B. Iverson]. 9 Dec 2009. 46 pp. (Download pdf)

Turtles of the World: Annotated Checklist of Taxonomy and Synonymy. 000.v1
Anders G.J. Rhodin, Peter Paul van Dijk, and James F. Parham. 8 Dec 2008. 38 pp.
(Download pdf)

Extinct Pleistocene and Holocene Taxa

Current Version (CRM Number 5, Installment 8):

Turtles and Tortoises of the World During the Rise and Global Spread of Humanity: First Checklist and Review of Extinct Pleistocene and Holocene Chelonians. 000e.v1
Turtle Extinctions Working Group.
[Anders G.J. Rhodin, Scott Thomson, Georgios L. Georgalis, Hans-Volker Karl, Igor G. Danilov, Akio Takahashi, Marcelo S. de la Fuente, Jason R. Bourque, Massimo Delfino, Roger Bour, John B. Iverson, H. Bradley Shaffer, and Peter Paul van Dijk]. 16 April 2015. 66 pp. (Download pdf)

Species Accounts

Order Testudines

  • Suborder Pleurodira

                 Superfamily Cheloidea

    — Family Chelidae

Acanthochelys macrocephala (Rhodin, Mittermeier, and McMorris 1984) – Big-Headed Pantanal Swamp Turtle, Pantanal Swamp Turtle. 040
Anders G.J. Rhodin, Sébastien Métrailler, Thomas Vinke, Sabine Vinke, Harald Artner, and Russell A. Mittermeier.
9 Dec 2009. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Acanthochelys pallidipectoris (Freiberg 1945) – Chaco Side-Necked Turtle. 065
Thomas Vinke, Sabine Vinke, Enrique Richard, Mario R. Cabrera, Lorena Paszko, Pablo Marano, and Sébastien Métrailler.
31 Dec 2011. 7 pp. (Download pdf)

      Chelodina burrungandjii Thomson, Kennett, and Georges 2000 – Sandstone Snake-Necked Turtle. 056
Scott Thomson, Rod Kennett, Anton Tucker, Nancy N. FitzSimmons, Phillipa Featherston, Erika A. Alacs, and Arthur Georges.
31 Dec 2011. 7 pp.
(Download pdf)

Chelodina colliei (Gray 1856) – Southwestern Snake-Necked Turtle.
(formerly Chelodina oblonga Gray 1841)
Gerald Kuchling and Andrew A. Burbidge. 
In prep.

Chelodina expansa Gray 1857 – Broad-Shelled Turtle, Giant Snake-Necked Turtle. 071
Deborah S. Bower and Kate M. Hodges.
6 Jan 2014. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Chelodina longicollis (Shaw 1794) – Eastern Long-Necked Turtle, Common Long-Necked Turtle, Common Snake-Necked Turtle, 031
Rod Kennett, John Roe, Kate Hodges, and Arthur Georges.
13 Nov 2009. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Chelodina mccordi Rhodin 1994 – Roti Island Snake-Necked Turtle, McCord’s Snake-Necked Turtle, Kura-Kura Rote. 008
(includes C. m. mccordi and C. m. roteensis)
Anders G.J. Rhodin, Bonggi R. Ibarrondo, and Gerald Kuchling.
15 May 2008. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Chelodina oblonga Gray 1841 – Northern Snake-Necked Turtle. 077
(formerly Chelodina rugosa Ogilby 1890)
Rod Kennett, Damien A. Fordham, Erica Alacs, Ben Corey, and Arthur Georges.
28 Feb 2014. 13 pp. (Download pdf)

Chelodina pritchardi Rhodin 1994 – Pritchard’s Snake-Necked Turtle.
Anders G.J. Rhodin. 
In prep.

Chelodina steindachneri (Siebenrock 1914) – Plate-Shelled Turtle, Steindachner’s Turtle, Dinner-Plate Turtle.
Gerald Kuchling and Andrew A. Burbidge. In prep.

Chelus fimbriata (Schneider 1783) – Matamata Turtle. 020
Peter C.H. Pritchard.
4 Aug 2008. 10 pp. (Download pdf

Elseya albagula Thomson, Georges, and Limpus 2006 – Southern Snapping Turtle.
Scott Thomson, Colin J. Limpus, and Duncan Limpus. 
In prep.

Elseya lavarackorum (White and Archer 1994) – Gulf Snapping Turtle, Gulf Snapper, Riversleigh Snapping Turtle, Lavarack’s Turtle. 082
Alastair Freeman, Scott Thomson, and John Cann.
12 Dec 2014. 10 pp. (Download pdf)

Hydromedusa maximiliani (Mikan 1825) – Maximilian’s Snake-Necked Turtle, Brazilian Snake-Necked Turtle. 026
Franco L. Souza and Fernando I. Martins.
6 Oct 2009. 6 pp. (Download pdf

Hydromedusa tectifera Cope 1870 – South American Snake-necked Turtle, Argentine Snake-necked Turtle, Tortuga Cuello de Vibora, Cágado Pescoço de Cobra.
Leandro Alcalde, Rocio Maria Sánchez, and Peter C.H. Pritchard.
15 Nov 2021. 17 pp. (Download pdf)

Mesoclemmys hogei (Mertens 1967) – Hoge’s Sideneck Turtle.
Gláucia Moreira Drummond, Anders G.J. Rhodin, Russell A. Mittermeier, and Richard C. Vogt. In prep.

Mesoclemmys dahli (Zangerl and Medem 1958) – Dahl’s Toad-Headed Turtle, Carranchina, Tortuga Montañera. 069
German Forero-Medina, Olga V. Castaño-Mora, Gladys Cárdenas-Arevalo, and Guido Fabián Medina-Rangel.
31 Dec 2013. 8 pp.
(Download pdf)

Mesoclemmys tuberculata (Luederwaldt 1926) – Tuberculate Toad-headed Turtle. 097
Daniel O. Santana, Thiago S. Marques, Gustavo H.C. Vieira, Geraldo J.B. Moura, Renato G. Faria, and Daniel O. Mesquita.
26 Oct 2016. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Mesoclemmys vanderhaegei (Bour 1973) – Vanderhaege’s Toad-headed Turtle, Karumbé-hy. 083
Thiago S. Marques, Stephan Böhm, Elizângela S. Brito, Mario R. Cabrera, and Luciano M. Verdade.
27 Dec 2014. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Mesoclemmys zuliae (Pritchard and Trebbau 1984) – Zulia Toad-Headed Turtle.
Authors needed.

Myuchelys bellii (Gray 1844) – Western Saw-shelled Turtle, Bell‘s Turtle. 088
Darren Fielder, Bruce Chessman, and Arthur Georges.
6 September 2015. 7 pp. (Download pdf)

Myuchelys georgesi (Cann 1997) – Bellinger River Turtle. 091
John Cann, Ricky-J. Spencer, Michael Welsh, and Arthur Georges.
3 October 2015. 9 pp. (Download pdf)

Myuchelys latisternum (Gray 1867) – Sawshelled Turtle, Saw-Shell Turtle. 073
Alastair Freeman and John Cann.
15 Jan 2014. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Pseudemydura umbrina Siebenrock 1901 – Western Swamp Turtle, Western Swamp Tortoise.
Gerald Kuchling and Andrew A. Burbidge. 
In prep.

Rhinemys rufipes (Spix 1824) – Red Side-necked Turtle, Red-footed Sideneck Turtle, Perema. 079.
William E. Magnusson and Richard C. Vogt.
26 Jul 2014. 7 pp. (Download pdf)


                Superfamily Pelomedusoidea

    — Family Pelomedusidae

Pelomedusa barbata Petzold, Vargas-Ramírez, Kehlmaier, Vamberger, Branch, Du Preez, Hofmeyr, Meyer, Schleicher, Široký, and Fritz 2014 – Arabian Helmeted Turtle, Arabian Marsh Turtle, Arabian Mud Turtle. 118.
Johannes Els, Abdulaziz R. Alqahtani, Uwe Fritz, Mohammed Shobrak, Salem M. Busais, and Bernat Burriel-Carranza.
27 Feb 2022. 10 pp. doi:10.3854/crm.5.118.barbata.v1.2022 (Download pdf)

Pelomedusa subrufa (Lacépède 1788) – Helmeted Turtle, Helmeted Terrapin. 007
Richard C. Boycott and Ortwin Bourquin.
15 May 2008. 6 pp. (Download pdf) 

Pelusios adansonii (Schweigger 1812) – Adanson’s Mud Turtle. 017
Roger Bour.
30 Jun 2008. 4 pp. (Download pdf

Pelusios bechuanicus FitzSimons 1932 – Okavango Hinged Terrapin, Big-Headed Hinged Terrapin.
Authors needed.

Pelusios castaneus (Schweigger 1812) – West African Mud Turtle, Marsh Terrapin. 095
(includes P. c. castaneus and P. c. seychellensis)
Roger Bour, Luca Luiselli, Fabio Petrozzi, Gabriel H. Segniagbeto, and Laurent Chirio.
15 Mar 2016. 11 pp. (Download pdf)

Pelusios castanoides castanoides Hewitt 1931 – Yellow-Bellied Mud Turtle, Yellow-Bellied Hinged Terrapin.
Authors needed.

Pelusios castanoides intergularis Bour 1983 – Seychelles Yellow-Bellied Mud Turtle, Seychelles Chestnut-Bellied Terrapin. 010
Justin Gerlach.
20 Jun 2008. 4 pp. (Download pdf

Pelusios niger (Duméril and Bibron 1835) – West African Black Mud Turtle. 105
Luca Luiselli, Roger Bour, Fabio Petrozzi, Godfrey C. Akani, and Gabriel H. Segniagbeto.
10 Aug 2018. 8 pp. 
(Download pdf)

Pelusios rhodesianus Hewitt 1927 – Variable Mud Turtle, Variable Hinged Terrapin. 004
Donald G. Broadley and Richard C. Boycott.
15 May 2008. 3 pp. (Download pdf

Pelusios seychellensis (Siebenrock 1906) – Seychelles Mud Turtle. 018
Roger Bour and Justin Gerlach.
1 Jul 2008. 3 pp. (Download pdf

Pelusios sinuatus (Smith 1838) – Serrated Hinged Terrapin. 036
Donald G. Broadley and Richard C. Boycott.
8 Dec 2009. 5 pp. (Download pdf)

Pelusios subniger parietalis Bour 1983 – Seychelles Black Mud Turtle. 016
Justin Gerlach.
30 Jun 2008. 4 pp. (Download pdf

Pelusios subniger subniger (Bonnaterre 1789) – Pan Hinged Terrapin.
Authors needed.

    — Family Podocnemididae

Erymnochelys madagascariensis (Grandidier 1867) – Madagascan Big-Headed Turtle, Rere.
Authors needed.

Peltocephalus dumerilianus (Schweigger 1812) – Big-Headed Sideneck Turtle, Cabeçudo.
Authors needed.

Podocnemis erythrocephala (Spix 1824) – Red-headed Amazon River Turtle, Irapuca. 087
Russell A. Mittermeier, Richard C. Vogt, Rafael Bernhard, and Camila R. Ferrara.
25 Feb 2015. 10 pp. (Download pdf)

Podocnemis expansa (Schweigger 1812) – Giant South American River Turtle, Tartaruga, Arrau.
Authors needed.

Podocnemis lewyana Duméril 1852 – Magdalena River Turtle. 024
Vivian P. Páez, Adriana Restrepo, Mario Vargas-Ramirez, and Brian C. Bock.
13 Apr
2009. 6 pp. (Download pdf)

Podocnemis unifilis Troschel 1848 – Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle, Tracaja, Terecay.
Authors needed.

Podocnemis vogli Müller 1935 – Llanos Sideneck Turtle, Savanna Sideneck Turtle, Galapago Llanero.
Authors needed.


  • Suborder Cryptodira

                Infraorder Durocryptodira

                Superfamily Chelydroidea

    — Family Chelydridae

Chelydra acutirostris Peters 1862 – South American Snapping Turtle.
Vivian P. Páez, Brian C. Bock, and John L. Carr. In prep.

Chelydra rossignonii (Bocourt 1868) – Central American Snapping Turtle.
Authors needed

Chelydra serpentina (Linnaeus 1758) – North American Snapping Turtle, Common Snapping Turtle.
Authors needed.

Macrochelys temminckii (Troost in Harlan 1835) – Alligator Snapping Turtle.
Authors needed.

Macrochelys suwanniensis Thomas, Granatosky, Bourque, Krysko, Moler, Gamble, Suarez, Leone, Enge, and Roman 2014 – Suwanee Alligator Snapping Turtle.
Travis M. Thomas. In prep.

             — Family Dermatemydidae

Dermatemys mawii Gray 1847 – Central American River Turtle, Tortuga Blanca, Hickatee. 058
Richard C. Vogt, John R. Polisar, Don Moll, and Gracia Gonzalez-Porter.
31 Dec 2011. 12 pp.
(Download pdf)

    — Family Kinosternidae

Kinosternon acutum (Gray 1831) – Tabasco Mud Turtle, Montera, Chechagua de Monte. 062
John B. Iverson and Richard C. Vogt.
31 Dec 2011. 6 pp.
(Download pdf)

Kinosternon baurii (Garman 1891) – Striped Mud Turtle. 116
Gerald R. Johnston, C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr., and Dawn S. Wilson.
23 Dec 2021. 18 pp. doi:10.3854/crm.5.116.baurii.v1.2021
Download pdf)

Kinosternon dunni Schmidt 1947 – Dunn’s Mud Turtle. 067
John B. Iverson, John L. Carr, Olga V. Castaño-Mora, Carlos A. Galvis-Rizo, Luis E. Rentería-Moreno, and Germán Forero-Medina.
29 Dec 2012. 5 pp. (Download pdf)

Kinosternon flavescens (Agassiz 1857) – Yellow Mud Turtle, Casquito Amarillo. 121
John B. Iverson and James L. Christiansen.
26 Aug 2023. 26 pp. doi:10.3854/crm.5.121.flavescens.v1.2023 (Download pdf)

Kinosternon hirtipes (Wagler 1830) – Mexican Rough-Footed Mud Turtle.
John B. Iverson. In prep.

Kinosternon integrum (LeConte 1854) – Mexican Mud Turtle.
John B. Iverson. In prep.

Kinosternon scorpioides (Linnaeus 1766) – Scorpion Mud Turtle. 063
(includes K. s. scorpioides, K. s. abaxillare, K. s. albogulare, and K. s. cruentatum)
James F. Berry and John B. Iverson.
31 Dec 2011. 15 pp. (Download pdf)

Kinosternon scorpioides albogulare (Duméril and Bocourt 1870) – White-Throated Mud Turtle, Swanka Turtle. 064
German Forero-Medina and Olga V. Castaño-Mora.
31 Dec 2011. 5 pp.
(Download pdf)

Kinosternon sonoriense (LeConte 1854) – Sonora Mud Turtle, Desert Mud Turtle, Sonoyta Mud Turtle, Casquito de Sonora. 119
(includes K. s. sonoriense and K. s. longifemorale)
Paul A. Stone, Justin D. Congdon, Marie E.B. Stone, James N. Stuart, John B. Iverson, and Philip C. Rosen.
28 Mar 2022. 22 pp. (Download pdf)

Kinosternon subrubrum (Bonnaterre 1789) – Eastern Mud Turtle. 101
(includes K. s. subrubrum, K. s. hippocrepis, and K. s. steindachneri)
Walter E. Meshaka, Jr., J. Whitfield Gibbons, Daniel F. Hughes, Michael W. Klemens, and John B. Iverson.
17 Sep 2017. 16 pp.
(Download pdf)

Sternotherus carinatus (Gray 1856) – Razorback Musk Turtle, Razor-Backed Musk Turtle. 012
Peter V. Lindeman.
21 Jun 2008. 6 pp. (Download pdf

Sternotherus depressus Tinkle and Webb 1955 – Flattened Musk Turtle. 013
C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.
22 Jun 2008. 7 pp. (Download pdf

Sternotherus odoratus (Latreille in Sonnini and Latreille 1801) – Common Musk Turtle, Stinkpot.
Authors needed.


         Superfamily Testudinoidea


    — Family Emydidae

Actinemys marmorata (Baird and Girard 1852) – Western Pond Turtle, Pacific Pond Turtle. 001
R. Bruce Bury and David J. Germano.
15 May 2008. 9 pp. (Download pdf

Chrysemys dorsalis Agassiz 1857 – Southern Painted Turtle.
Authors needed.

Chrysemys picta (Schneider 1783) – Painted Turtle.
Authors needed.

Clemmys guttata (Schneider 1792) – Spotted Turtle.
Jacqueline D. Litzgus. 
In prep.

Deirochelys reticularia (Latreille 1801) – Chicken Turtle. 014
(includes D. r. reticularia, D. r. chrysea, and D. r. miaria)
Kurt A. Buhlmann, J. Whitfield Gibbons, and Dale R. Jackson.
26 Jun 2008. 6 pp. (Download pdf

Emydoidea blandingii (Holbrook 1838) – Blanding’s Turtle. 015
Justin D. Congdon, Terry E. Graham, Tom B. Herman, Jeffrey W. Lang, Michael J. Pappas, and Bruce J. Brecke.
27 Jun 2008. 12 pp. (Download pdf

Emys orbicularis (Linnaeus 1758) – European Pond Turtle.
Melita Vamberger, Uwe Fritz, Cesar Ayres, and Walter Sachsse.
In prep.

Emys trinacris Fritz, Fattizzo, Guicking, Tripepi, Pennisi, Lenk, Joger, and Wink 2005 – Sicilian Pond Turtle, Testuggine Palustre Siciliana. 112
Dario Ottonello, Stefania D’Angelo, Federico Marrone, Fabrizio Oneto, Filippo Spadola, Marco Alberto Luca Zuffi, and Uwe Fritz.
26 Jan 2021. 13 pp. (Download pdf)

Glyptemys insculpta (Le Conte 1830) – Wood Turtle.
Authors needed.

Glyptemys muhlenbergii (Schoepff 1801) – Bog Turtle.
Authors needed.

Graptemys barbouri Carr and Marchand 1942 – Barbour’s Map Turtle.
Authors needed.

Graptemys ernsti Lovich and McCoy 1992 – Escambia Map Turtle. 051
Jeffrey E. Lovich, James C. Godwin, and C.J. McCoy.
31 Dec 2011. 6 pp. (Download pdf)

Graptemys flavimaculata Cagle 1954 – Yellow-Blotched Sawback, Yellow-Blotched Map Turtle. 052
Will Selman and Robert L. Jones.
31 Dec 2011. 11 pp.
(Download pdf)

Graptemys geographica (LeSueur 1817) – Northern Map Turtle, Common Map Turtle. 104
Richard C. Vogt, Grégory Bulté, and John B. Iverson.
22 May 2018. 18 pp. (
Download pdf)

Graptemys gibbonsi Lovich and McCoy 1992 – Pascagoula Map Turtle, Pearl River Map Turtle, Gibbons’ Map Turtle. 029
Jeffrey E. Lovich, Will Selman, and C.J. McCoy.
26 Oct 2009. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Graptemys nigrinoda Cagle 1954 – Black-Knobbed Map Turtle, Black-Knobbed Sawback. 005
(includes G. n. nigrinoda and G. n. delticola)
Emmett L. Blankenship, Brian P. Butterfield, and James C. Godwin.
15 May
2008. 6 pp. (Download pdf)

Graptemys oculifera (Baur 1890) Ringed Map Turtle, Ringed Sawback. 033
Robert L. Jones and Will Selman.
20 Nov 2009. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Graptemys ouachitensis Cagle 1953 – Ouachita Map Turtle. 103
(includes G. o. ouachitensis and G. o. sabinensis)
Richard C. Vogt.
24 Mar 2018. 13 pp. (Download pdf)

Graptemys pearlensis Ennen, Lovich, Kreiser, Selman, and Qualls 2010 – Pearl River Map Turtle. 094
Joshua R. Ennen, Jeffrey E. Lovich, and Robert L. Jones.
4 Mar 2016. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

Graptemys pseudogeographica (Gray 1831) – False Map Turtle, Mississippi Map Turtle. 124
Peter V. Lindeman and Richard C. Vogt.
27 Apr 2024. 19 pp. (Download pdf)

Graptemys pulchra Baur 1893 – Alabama Map Turtle. 072
Jeffrey E. Lovich, James C. Godwin, and C.J. McCoy.
6 Jan 2014. 6 pp. (Download pdf)

Graptemys versa Stejneger 1925 – Texas Map Turtle. 093
Peter V. Lindeman, James N. Stuart, and Flavius C. Killebrew.
3 Mar 2016. 10 pp. (Download pdf)

Malaclemys terrapin (Schoepff 1793) – Diamondback Terrapin.
Willem M. Roosenburg and Joseph A. Butler. 
In prep.

Pseudemys alabamensis (Baur 1893) – Alabama Red-Bellied Cooter, Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle. 019
Christopher J. Leary, James L. Dobie, Thomas M. Mann, Peter S. Floyd, and David H. Nelson.
16 Jul 2008. 9 pp. (Download pdf

Pseudemys concinna (LeConte 1830) – River Cooter. 006
(includes P. c. concinna and P. c. suwanniensis)
Joseph P. Ward and Dale R. Jackson.
15 May 2008. 7 pp. (Download pdf)

Pseudemys gorzugi Ward 1984 – Rio Grande Cooter, Western River Cooter, Tortuga de Oreja Amarilla, Jicotéa del Río Bravo. 100
Leland J.S. Pierce, James N. Stuart, Joseph P. Ward, and Charles W. Painter.
14 December 2016. 12 pp. (Download pdf)

Pseudemys nelsoni Carr 1938 – Florida Red-Bellied Turtle. 041
Dale R. Jackson.
7 Aug 2010. 8 pp. (Download pdf)

      Pseudemys rubriventris (LeConte 1830) – Red-Bellied Turtle, Redbelly Turtle.
Authors needed.

      Terrapene carolina (Linnaeus 1758) – Eastern Box Turtle, Common Box Turtle. 085
(includes T. c. carolina, T. c. bauri, T. c. major, T. c. mexicana, T. c. triunguis, and T. c. yucatana)
A. Ross Kiester and Lisabeth L. Willey.
26 Jan 2015. 25 pp. (Download pdf)

      Terrapene coahuila Schmidt and Owens 1944 – Coahuilan Box Turtle. 049
Jennifer G. Howeth and William S. Brown.
31 Dec 2011. 13 pp. (Download pdf)

      Terrapene nelsoni Stejneger 1925 – Spotted Box Turtle, Tortuga de Chispitas, Tortuga de Monte. 060
(includes T. n. nelsoni and T. n. klauberi)
James R. Buskirk and Paulino Ponce-Campos.
31 Dec 2011. 9 pp. (Download pdf)

Trachemys callirostris (Gray 1856) – Colombian Slider, Jicotea, Hicotea, Galapago, Morrocoy de Agua. 042
(includes T. c. callirostris and T. c. chichiriviche)
Brian C. Bock, Vivian P. Páez, and Juan M. Daza.
7 Aug 2010. 9 pp. (Download pdf)

Trachemys gaigeae (Hartweg 1939) – Big Bend Slider, Mexican Plateau Slider, Jicotea de la Meseta Mexicana. 032
(includes T. g. gaigeae and T. g. hartwegi)
James N. Stuart and Joseph P. Ward.
16 Nov 2009. 12 pp. (Download pdf)

Trachemys scripta (Thunberg in Schoepff 1792) – Common Slider, Slider Turtle.
Kurt A. Buhlmann and J. Whitfield Gibbons.
In prep.

Trachemys stejnegeri (Schmidt 1928) – Central Antillean Slider.
Karen A. Bjorndal. Additional authors needed

Trachemys terrapen (Bonnaterre 1789) – Jamaican Slider.
James Perran Ross, Tracey D. Tuberville, and Kurt A. Buhlmann. Additional authors needed

    — Family Platysternidae

         Platysternon megacephalum (Gray 1831) – Big-Headed Turtle.
Authors needed.

    — Family Geoemydidae

Batagur affinis (Cantor 1847) – Southern River Terrapin, Tuntong. 090
(includes B. a. affinis and B. a. edwardmolli)
Edward O. Moll, Steven G. Platt, Eng Heng Chan, Brian D. Horne, Kalyar Platt, Peter Praschag, Pelf Nyok Chen, and Peter Paul van Dijk.
30 Sep 2015. 17 pp. (Download pdf)

Batagur baska (Gray 1830) – Northern River Terrapin. 037
Edward O. Moll, Kalyar Platt, Steven G. Platt, Peter Praschag, and Peter Paul van Dijk.
8 Dec 2009. 10 pp.
(Download pdf) 

Batagur borneoensis (Schlegel and Müller 1844) – Painted Terrapin.
Authors needed.

Batagur dhongoka (Gray 1832) – Three-Striped Roofed Turtle.
Authors needed.

Batagur kachuga (Gray 1831) – Red-Crowned Roofed Turtle.
Authors needed.

Batagur trivittata (Duméril and Bibron 1835) – Burmese Roofed Turtle.
Peter Paul van Dijk, Steven G. Platt, and Gerald Kuchling. 
In prep.

Cuora amboinensis (Riche in Daudin 1801) – Southeast Asian Box Turtle. 053
(includes C. a. amboinensis, C. a. couro, C. a. kamaroma, and C. a. lineata)
Sabine Schoppe and Indraneil Das.
31 Dec 2011. 13 pp.
(Download pdf)

Cuora flavomarginata (Gray 1863) – Yellow-Margined Box Turtle. 035
(includes C. f. flavomarginata and C. f. evelynae)
Hidetoshi Ota, Yuichirou Yasukawa, Jinzhong Fu, and Tien-Hsi Chen.
27 Nov 2009. 10 pp. (Download pdf)

Cuora galbinifrons (Bourret 1939) – Indochinese Box Turtle.
Authors needed.

Cuora mouhotii (Gray 1862) – Keeled Box Turtle. 099
(includes C. m. mouhotii and C. m. obsti)
Indraneil Das, Timothy E.M. McCormack, Peter Paul van Dijk, Ha V. Hoang, and Richard P.J.H. Struijk.
27 Oct 2016. 12 pp. (Download pdf)

Geoclemys hamiltonii (Gray 1830) – Spotted Pond Turtle, Black Pond Turtle. 043
Indraneil Das and S. Bhupathy.
9 Aug 2010. 6 pp. (Download pdf

Geoemyda japonica Fan 1931 – Ryukyu Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle, Okinawa Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle. 002
Yuichirou Yasukawa and Hidetoshi Ota.
15 May 2008. 6 pp. (Download pdf

Geoemyda spengleri (Gmelin 1789) Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle. 047
Yuichirou Yasukawa and Hidetoshi Ota.
14 Dec 2010. 6 pp. (Download pdf)

Hardella thurjii (Gray 1831) – Crowned River Turtle. 023
Indraneil Das and S. Bhupathy.
10 Apr 2009. 6 pp. (Download pdf

Leucocephalon yuwonoi (McCord, Iverson, and Boeadi 1995) – Sulawesi Forest Turtle, Kura-Kura Sulawesi. 039
Cris Hagen, Steven G. Platt, and Charles J. Innis.
9 Dec 2009. 7 pp. (Download pdf)

Malayemys macrocephala (Gray 1859) – Malayan Snail-Eating Turtle, Rice-Field Terrapin. 108
Jeffrey E. Dawson, Flora Ihlow, Stephan Ettmar, Peter Paul van Dijk, and Kumthorn Thirakhupt.
24 Nov 2018. 16 pp.
 (Download pdf)

Malayemys subtrijuga (Schlegel and Müller 1845) – Mekong Snail-Eating Turtle. 111
Jeffrey E. Dawson, Flora Ihlow, and Steven G. Platt.
24 Nov 2020. 24 pp.
(Download pdf)

Mauremys annamensis (Siebenrock 1903) – Vietnamese Pond Turtle, Annam Pond Turtle, Rùa Trung. 081
Timothy E.M. McCormack, Jeffrey E. Dawson, Douglas B. Hendrie, Michael A. Ewert, John B. Iverson, Ronnie E. Hatcher, and J. Michael Goode.
12 Dec 2014. 14 pp. (Download pdf)

Mauremys caspica (Gmelin 1774) – Caspian Terrapin.
Melita Vamberger, Stephen D. Busack, Uwe Fritz, Lyudmila Masanaeva, and Dincer Ayaz.
In prep.

Mauremys japonica (Temminck and Schlegel 1835) – Japanese Pond Turtle. 003
Yuichirou Yasukawa, Takashi Yabe, and Hidetoshi Ota.
15 May 2008. 6 pp.
(Download pdf

Mauremys leprosa (Schoepff in Schweigger 1812) – Mediterranean Pond Turtle, Spanish Terrapin, Mediterranean Stripe-necked Terrapin. 102
(includes M. l. leprosa and M. l. saharica)
Albert Bertolero and Stephen D. Busack.
20 Nov 2017. 19 pp.
(Download pdf)

Mauremys mutica (Cantor 1842) – Asian Yellow Pond Turtle.
Authors needed.

Mauremys nigricans (Gray 1834) – Red-Necked Pond Turtle, Chinese Red-Necked Turtle, Kwangtung River Turtle, Black-Necked Pond Turtle. 068
Ben Anders and John B. Iverson.
29 Dec 2012. 9 pp. (Download pdf)

Mauremys reevesii (Gray 1831) – Reeves’ Turtle, Chinese Three-Keeled Pond Turtle. 050
Jeffrey E. Lovich, Yuichirou Yasukawa, and Hidetoshi Ota.
31 Dec 2011. 10 pp.
(Download pdf)

Mauremys rivulata (Valenciennes in Bory de Saint-Vincent 1833) – Western Caspian Turtle, Balkan Terrapin. 080
Georgia Mantziou and Lina Rifai.
29 Jul 2014. 9 pp. (Download pdf)

Mauremys sinensis (Gray 1834) – Chinese Stripe-Necked Turtle.
Authors needed.

Melanochelys tricarinata (Blyth 1856) – Tricarinate Hill Turtle, Three-Keeled Land Turtle. 025
Indraneil Das.
22 Sep 2009. 5 pp. (Download pdf

Melanochelys trijuga (Schweigger 1812) – Indian Black Turtle. 038
(includes M. t. trijuga, M. t. coronata, M. t. edeniana, M. t. indopeninsularis, M. t. parkeri, and M. t. thermalis)
Indraneil Das and S. Bhupathy.
8 Dec 2009. 9 pp. (Download pdf)

Morenia ocellata (Duméril and Bibron 1835) – Burmese Eyed Turtle. 044
Indraneil Das.
9 Aug 2010. 5 pp. (Download pdf)

Morenia petersi Anderson 1879 – Indian Eyed Turtle. 045
Indraneil Das and Saibal Sengupta.
9 Aug 2010. 5 pp. (Download pdf)

Pangshura sylhetensis Jerdon 1870 – Assam Roofed Turtle. 046
Indraneil Das, Saibal Sengupta, and Peter Praschag.
14 Dec 2010. 6 pp. (Download pdf)

Pangshura tentoria (Gray 1834) – Indian Tent Terrapin.
Authors needed.

Rhinoclemmys annulata (Gray 1860) – Brown Wood Turtle, Montañero, Bambera. 123
John L. Carr, Don Moll, Alan Giraldo, and Mario F. Garcés-Restrepo.
22 Oct 2023. 16 pp. (Download pdf)

      Rhinoclemmys areolata (Duméril and Bibron 1851) – Furrowed Wood Turtle, Black-Bellied Turtle, Mojena. 022
Richard C. Vogt, Steven G. Platt, and Thomas R. Rainwater.
24 Feb 2009. 7 pp. (Download pdf

Rhinoclemmys diademata (Mertens 1954) – Maracaibo Wood Turtle.
Authors needed.

Rhinoclemmys funerea (Cope 1876) – Black River Turtle.
Authors needed.

Rhinoclemmys melanosterna (Gray 1861) – Colombian Wood Turtle.
John L. Carr. 
In prep.

Rhinoclemmys nasuta (Boulenger 1902) – Large-Nosed Wood Turtle, Chocoan River Turtle. 034
John L. Carr and Alan Giraldo.
24 Nov 2009. 6 pp. (Download pdf

Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima (Gray 1856) – Painted Wood Turtle, Red Turtle.
Authors needed.

Rhinoclemmys rubida (Cope 1870) – Mexican Spotted Wood Turtle.
John L. Carr. 
In prep.

Sacalia bealei (Gray 1831) – Chinese Eyed Turtle.
Shi Haitao and Jinzhong Fu. 
In prep.

Sacalia quadriocellata (Siebenrock 1903) – Four-Eyed Turtle.
Shi Haitao, Michael Lau, and Jinzhong Fu. 
In prep.

Siebenrockiella leytensis (Taylor 1920) – Palawan Forest Turtle, Philippine Forest Turtle. 066
Arvin C. Diesmos, James R. Buskirk, Sabine Schoppe, Mae Lowe L. Diesmos, Emerson Y. Sy, and Rafe M. Brown.
29 Dec 2012. 9 pp. (Download pdf)

Vijayachelys silvatica (Henderson 1912) – Cochin Forest Cane Turtle. 078
V. Deepak, Peter Praschag, and Karthik Vasudevan.
23 Jul 2014. 7 pp. (Download pdf)

    — Family Testudinidae

Aldabrachelys arnoldi (Bour 1982) – Arnold’s Giant Tortoise. 028
Justin Gerlach.
18 Oct 2009. 5 pp. (Download pdf)

Aldabrachelys gigantea (Schweigger 1812) – Aldabra Giant Tortoise.
Authors needed.

Aldabrachelys hololissa (Günther 1877) – Seychelles Giant Tortoise. 061
Justin Gerlach.
31 Dec 2011. 5 pp.
(Download pdf)

Astrochelys radiata (Shaw 1802) – Radiated Tortoise, Sokake.
Authors needed.

Astrochelys yniphora (Vaillant 1885) – Ploughshare Tortoise, Angonoka.
Richard E. Lewis, Angelo Ramy, and Miguel Pedrono. Additional authors needed

Centrochelys sulcata (Miller 1779) African Spurred Tortoise, Grooved Tortoise, Sahel Tortoise, Tortue Sillonnée.110
Fabio Petrozzi,
Emmanuel M. Hema, Gift Simon Demaya, John Sebit Benansio, Edem A. Eniang, Tomas Diagne, Gabriel Hoinsoudé Segniagbeto, and Luca Luiselli.
28 Aug 2020. 16 pp. (Download pdf)

Chersina angulata (Schweigger 1812) – Angulate Tortoise, South African Bowsprit Tortoise. 030
Margaretha D. Hofmeyr.
28 Oct 2009. 6 pp. (Download pdf)

Geochelone elegans (Schoepff 1795) – Indian Star Tortoise, Star Tortoise. 106
Neil D’Cruze, Aniruddha Mookerjee, Raju Vyas, David W. Macdonald, and Anslem de Silva.
7 October 2018. 13 pp. 
(Download pdf)

Geochelone platynota (Blyth 1863) – Burmese Star Tortoise, Kye Leik. 057
Steven G. Platt, Thanda Swe, Win Ko Ko, Kalyar Platt, Khin Myo Myo, Thomas R. Rainwater, and David Emmett.
31 Dec 2011. 9 pp.
(Download pdf)

Gopherus agassizii (Cooper 1861) – Mojave Desert Tortoise, Agassiz’s Desert Tortoise. 109
Kristin H. Berry and Robert W. Murphy.
10 Sep 2019. 45 pp. 
(Download pdf)

Gopherus berlandieri (Agassiz 1857) – Berlandier’s Tortoise, Texas Tortoise.
Authors needed.

Gopherus evgoodei Edwards, Karl, Vaughn, Rosen, Meléndez Torres, and Murphy 2016 – Sinaloan Thornscrub Tortoise, Goode’s Thornscrub Tortoise.
Taylor Edwards, Alice Karl, Rafa Lara, Cristina Meléndez Torres, and Mercy Vaughn. In prep.

Gopherus flavomarginatus Legler 1959 – Bolson Tortoise.
Authors needed.

Indotestudo elongata (Blyth 1854) – Elongated Tortoise, Yellow-headed Tortoise, Yellow Tortoise. 096
Flora Ihlow, Jeffrey E. Dawson, Timo Hartmann, and Sitha Som.
27 April 2016. 14 pp. (Download pdf)

Indotestudo travancorica (Boulenger 1907) – Travancore Tortoise. 054
V. Deepak, Madhuri Ramesh, S. Bhupathy, and Karthikeyan Vasudevan.
31 Dec 2011. 6 pp.
(Download pdf)

Kinixys erosa (Schweigger 1812) – Forest Hinge-back Tortoise, Serrated Hinge-back Tortoise, Serrated Hinged Tortoise. 084
Luca Luiselli and Tomas Diagne.
29 Dec 2014. 13 pp. (Download pdf)

Kinixys homeana Bell 1827 – Home’s Hinge-back Tortoise. 070
Luca Luiselli and Tomas Diagne.
31 Dec 2013. 10 pp.
(Download pdf)

Kinixys lobatsiana Power 1927 – Lobatse Hinge-back Tortoise.
Authors needed.

Kinixys natalensis Hewitt 1935 – Natal Hinge-back Tortoise.
Authors needed.

Kinixys spekii Gray 1863 – Speke’s Hinge-back Tortoise, Speke’s Hinged Tortoise. 115
Adrian Hailey, Donald G. Broadley, Richard C. Boycott, and Stephen Spawls.
3 Dec 2021. 14 pp.
(Download pdf)

Malacochersus tornieri (Siebenrock 1903) – Pancake Tortoise, Tornier’s Tortoise, Soft-shelled Tortoise, Crevice Tortoise, Kobe Ya Mawe, Kobe Kama Chapati. 107
Reginald T. Mwaya, Don Moll, Patrick Kinyatta Malonza, and Jacob Mueti Ngwava.
22 Oct 2018. 15 pp. (Download pdf)

Manouria emys (Schlegel and Müller 1840) – Asian Giant Tortoise, Giant Asian Forest Tortoise. 086
(includes M. e. emys and M. e. phayrei)
Craig B. Stanford, Pratyaporn Wanchai, Chuck Schaffer, Rick Schaffer, and Kumthorn Thirakhupt.
24 Feb 2015. 9 pp. (Download pdf)

Testudo graeca Linnaeus 1758 (Western Subspecies Clade) – Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoise. 117
(includes T. g. graeca, T. g. cyrenaica, T. g. marokkensis, T. g. nabeulensis, and T. g. whitei)
Daniel Escoriza, Carmen Díaz-Paniagua, Ana Andreu, and Jihène Ben Hassine.
27 Jan 2022. 18 pp. (Download pdf)

Testudo graeca Linnaeus 1758 (Eastern Subspecies Clades) – Armenian Tortoise, Zagros Tortoise, Anatolian Tortoise, Levantine Tortoise, Kerman Tortoise. 120.
(includes T. g. armeniaca, T. g. buxtoni, T. g. ibera, T. g. terrestris, and T. g. zarudnyi)
Oguz Türkozan, Hossein Javanbakht, Liudmila Mazanaeva, Shai Meiri, Yurii V. Kornilev, Elias Tzoras, Georgi Popgeorgiev, Uri Shanas, and Daniel Escoriza.
30 Jan 2023. 33 pp. doi:10.3854/crm.5.120.eastern.graeca.v1.2023 (Download pdf)

      Testudo hermanni (Gmelin 1789) – Hermann’s Tortoise. 059
(includes T. h. hermanni and T. h. boettgeri)
Albert Bertolero, Marc Cheylan, Adrian Hailey, Barbara Livoreil, and Ronald E. Willemsen.
31 Dec 2011. 20 pp. (Download pdf)

Testudo marginata Schoepff 1793 – Marginated Tortoise, Kraspedochelóna, Breshka Malore, Testuggine Marginata. 122
Daniel Escoriza, Elias Tzoras, and Henrik Bringsøe.
5 Sep 2023. 25 pp. doi:10.3854/crm.5.122.marginata.v1.2023 (Download pdf)


               Infraorder Trionychia

               Superfamily Trionychoidea

   — Family Carettochelyidae

Carettochelys insculpta Ramsay 1886 – Pig-Nosed Turtle, Fly River Turtle. 009
Arthur Georges, J. Sean Doody, Carla Eisemberg, Erika A. Alacs,
and Mark Rose.
13 Jun 2008. 17 pp
. (Download pdf)

    — Family Trionychidae

Amyda cartilaginea (Boddaert 1770) – Asiatic Softshell Turtle, Southeast Asian Softshell Turtle. 092
Mark Auliya, Peter Paul van Dijk, Edward O. Moll, and Peter A. Meylan.
3 Mar 2016. 17 pp. (Download pdf)

Apalone ferox (Schneider 1783) – Florida Softshell Turtle.
Peter A. Meylan. Additional authors needed

Apalone spinifera atra (Webb and Legler 1960) – Black Spiny Softshell Turtle, Cuatrociénegas Softshell, Tortuga Concha Blanda, Tortuga Negra de Cuatrociénegas. 021
Adrián Cerdá-Ardura, Francisco Soberón-Mobarak, Suzanne E. McGaugh, and Richard C. Vogt.
9 Aug 2008. 4 pp. (Download pdf

Chitra indica (Gray 1830) – Narrow-Headed Softshell Turtle. 027
Indraneil Das and Shailendra Singh.
16 Oct 2009. 7 pp. (Download pdf)

Chitra vandijki McCord and Pritchard 2003 – Burmese Narrow-Headed Softshell Turtle. 074
Steven G. Platt, Kalyar Platt, Win Ko Ko, and Thomas R. Rainwater.
15 Feb 2014. 7 pp. (Download pdf)

Cyclanorbis elegans (Gray 1869) – Nubian Flapshell Turtle. 089
Patrick J. Baker, Tomas Diagne, and Luca Luiselli.
12 Sep 2015. 7 pp. (Download pdf)

Cyclanorbis senegalensis (Duméril and Bibron 1835) – Sahelian Flapshell Turtle, Senegal Flapshell Turtle. 114
Pearson McGovern, Tomas Diagne, Lamine Diagne, Luca Luiselli, and Peter A. Meylan.
15 Nov 2021. 10 pp.
(Download pdf)

Cycloderma frenatum Peters 1854 – Zambezi Flapshell Turtle, Nkhasi. 055
Donald G. Broadley and Walter Sachsse.
31 Dec 2011. 5 pp.
(Download pdf)

Lissemys punctata (Bonnaterre 1789) – Indian Flapshell Turtle. 076
(includes L. p. punctata, L. p. andersoni, and L. p. vittata)
S. Bhupathy, Robert G. Webb, and Peter Praschag.
20 Feb 2014. 12 pp. (Download pdf)

Nilssonia gangetica (Cuvier 1825) – Indian Softshell Turtle.
Authors needed.

Nilssonia hurum (Gray 1830) Indian Peacock Softshell Turtle. 048
Indraneil Das, Dhruvajyoti Basu, and Shailendra Singh.
14 Dec 2010. 6 pp. (Download pdf)

Nilssonia leithii (Gray 1872) – Leith’s Softshell Turtle. 075
Indraneil Das, Shashwat Sirsi, Karthikeyan Vasudevan, and B.H.C.K. Murthy.
17 Feb 2014. 5 pp. (Download pdf)

Nilssonia nigricans (Anderson 1875) – Black Softshell Turtle, Bostami Turtle.
M. Farid Ahsan and Peter Praschag. Additional authors needed

Pelochelys bibroni (Owen 1853) – Striped New Guinea Giant Softshell Turtle.
Indraneil Das and Anders G.J. Rhodin. 
In prep.

Pelochelys cantorii Gray 1864 – Asian Giant Softshell Turtle. 011
Indraneil Das.
21 Jun 2008. 6 pp. (Download pdf

Rafetus euphraticus (Daudin 1801) – Euphrates Softshell Turtle. 098.
Ertan Taskavak, Mehmet K. Atatür, Hanyeh Ghaffari, and Peter A. Meylan.
26 Oct 2016. 11 pp. (Download pdf)

Trionyx triunguis (Forskål 1775) – African Softshell Turtle.
Authors needed